Email from a personal account to not being delivered


As part of the ongoing effort to combat phishing, Information Technology Services maintains a list of names of personnel that are at-risk for impersonation.  This helps mitigate certain types of fraud where an impostor creates a temporary or free email account that appears to belong to a supervisor or director.  This anti-impostor engine makes it difficult for anyone on the at-risk list to use an email other than to send messages into the university.

For example, we have seen attacks where fraudsters create an email account like 'Tomás Morales' <> in order to impersonate President Morales and attempt to persuade personnel to buy gift cards or make wire transfers.

Example of an Impostor email


If you suspect your personal email account is being blocked by this anti-impostor engine, please make a request with the Technology Support Center to add your personal address to a whitelist.  Likewise, please also make a request if someone outside the university just so happens to share a name with a CSUSB supervisor.


Please keep in mind the Campus Email Structure And Communication Policy which states (emphasis added):

All active employees are required to maintain a CSUSB email account and shall not use a personal or commercial email address for official university business.