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History in the Making Call for Papers

History in the Making Call for Papers

Posted by: Tiffany Jones
October 11, 2020
History in the Making 2019 Cover

Call for Papers, History in the Making

History Students,


Consider writing for the History Department student-run journal, History in the Making.

You can check out past issues of the journal as well as specifications for your submissions here.

The student editorial board invites submissions of original research papers on any historical topic or using a historical method of analysis, academically based travel essays, critical reviews of recently published history monographs, historical documentaries, feature films, exhibitions, or public history projects, critical analyses of the lives of significant individuals who have died in the past year, or "notes from the archives." Please see past volumes for more examples of the range of papers considered. The review process is blind. 

Proposals for any of the short-form categories can simply be a paragraph, and these can be drafted and edited through winter-spring in collaboration with editors.  Longer-form research pieces must be submitted (emailed to me) as completed drafts by the January 4 deadline.

Please remove author's name from submissions and email them to me.

If you have questions about submissions, please first visit the journal's web page and read the guidelines.  Then please send me any remaining questions.

Submission deadline is January 4, 2021, but earlier work is encouraged.  Email submissions to Dr. Murray at