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Hacker’s Haunted House

The Cyber Intelligence and Security Organization (CISO) at CSUSB celebrated Halloween this year by putting on their third Hacker’s Haunted House, beginning in 2016. This student-led event attracts numerous students every year, and each year the number increases. In this year’s event, the students incorporated virtual reality.

This October CISO successfully recruited 20 eager and enthusiastic volunteers to help out with this event that took over a month for them to plan. In preparation for Hackers Haunted House, the planning committee split themselves up into multiple teams in which they would each come up with different cybersecurity-focused Halloween challenge for the participants to try. With an expected attendance count of around 35 people, based on last year’s participant numbers, CISO developed a hugely successful event in which the attendance rate nearly doubled from the expected count at 60 participants.