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CSUSB Cybersecurity Center Open House

Every year in October, during cybersecurity awareness month, the CSUSB Cybersecurity Center coordinates an open house for people from around the community to come together and learn about everything that CSUSB has to offer in regards to cybersecurity.

This year 350 people attended, and among them were high school and community college teachers, counselors, and students as well as that of CSUSB. The Cybersecurity Center recruited 33 student volunteers to help with this event and to set up many different demonstrations of projects that they are working on, including virtual reality, drones, malware analysis, and car hacking, among others. Not only did these students display projects outside of their extensive amount of course work, but they also spoke on different relationships that they’ve built with industry professionals such as Facebook and Red Hat Linux. Along with the Cyber Intelligence and Security Organization (CISO), who oversees the advancement of these projects, other student organizations were invited to attend and promote their clubs as well. Women in Computer Science and Engineering (WiCSE) and Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) are two new clubs that have recently joined CISO and the Computer Science and Engineering clubs at this event.

Due to the huge variation in the level of education of those who attend this event, the Cybersecurity Center makes sure to invite both CSUSB admissions as well as graduate degree offices and programs so that they are better able to address the needs of both current and potential students. This annual event is held to welcome everyone to cybersecurity at CSUSB and to expose them to the opportunities that are available to them.