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Politicians Visit

Various politicians and their staff toured the Cybersecurity Center and the Cyber Intelligence and Security Organizations (CISO) student lab to learn more about potential funding areas and about the different projects our students are involved in. Their contributions through legislation have a significant impact on financial investments toward our Cybersecurity Center and CISO. 

Our intent during this visit was to show how well-deserving we are of all their support by dazzling them with evidence of our amazing program and ongoing cyber projects. 

For this particular visit, we had ten student volunteers displaying their extracurricular projects, including car hacking, drones, and virtual reality. Our student presentations during visits such as this only last from 10 to 20 minutes at a time. During this short period of time, our students must present multiple projects in such a way that our guests can understand the scope of what they are currently doing as well as the momentum they have gained from everything that they’ve done in recent years. With this event being one of many visits during the Fall 2019 quarter, our team of student volunteers has developed a presentation method in which each project is well represented and leaves our guests wanting more.