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Appeal Information

Appeals Process: 

Per the California Vehicle Code- Division 17 Offenses and Prosecution, Chapter 1 Offense, Article 3 Procedure on Parking Violations, 40215 (a) For a period of 21 calendar days from the issuance of a notice of parking violation or 14 calendar days from the mailing of a notice of delinquent parking violation, a person may request an initial review of the notice by the issuing agency. 

1st Level Appeal (Administrative Review)

Individuals who receive a parking citation and believe that extraordinary or mitigating circumstances warrant a waiver of their parking fine may petition the Parking Services Department for reconsideration. Parking citations may be appealed within 21 calendar days of the date of citation issuance. Review of a citation may be requested by submitting a Request for Administrative Review Form.  Requests may be emailed to Parking Services. This request MUST be received within in the 21 calendar days. If the Request for Administrative Review is submitted after 21 calendar days, your request will not be reviewed. Late fees are not assessed during the period that the appeal is under consideration. After submitting your request for administrative review, you will receive an email confirmation and can also check the status online. 

2nd Level Appeal (Administrative Hearing) 

Those dissatisfied with the results of the initial review may petition for an Administrative Hearing within 21 calendar days of the appeal decision. The hearing may take place in person or by written declaration. To Request an Administrative Hearing please contact Parking Services at (909) 537-5912 or via email. California Vehicle Code 40215(b) requires the appellant to deposit the full citation amount with CSUSB. If you are unable to pay the full amount of the parking penalty before the hearing due to financial hardship, you may apply for a Request for Waiver of Penalty Deposit. If your request is approved, a hearing will be scheduled. If the request for financial hardship status is denied, the full amount of the parking penalty must be paid before an Administrative Hearing will be scheduled.

3rd Level Appeal (Appealing the Administrative Hearing)

If you are not satisfied with the hearing officer's decision, you may appeal the decision through the Fontana District of the San Bernardino Superior Court pursuant to California Vehicle Code 40230. All appeals must be requested within 30 days from the date of the hearing officer's decision. You may file a third level appeal by appearing in person or writing a letter to the San Bernardino Superior Court. A $25.00 filing fee must be submitted to the court for each citation that you are appealing. You must also provide the court a copy of your second level administrative hearing decision. The San Bernardino Superior Court will respond via US Mail with your hearing date. The files of the citation administrative hearing decision will be submitted to the Court as evidence. If the Judge presiding over your case renders a decision to dismiss your citation, the $25 filing fee along with your parking fine will be refunded.