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The Infant/Toddler Lab School (ITLS) welcomes researchers. We serve children ages 3 to 36 months in three separate classrooms. We serve approximately 60 families at any given time and employ approximately 25 staff. If you are interested in conducting research at the ITLS please submit the form below to Research requests will be screened for the following:

  • IRB approval
  • Feasibility of the proposed methods
  • Impact of the proposed research on ITLS facilities and staff
  • Safety and well being of child and/or family participants
  • Project timeline

This screening process will be conducted by a research board composed of the faculty supervisor, the site director, staff, and parents. Occasionally researchers will be asked to meet with this board to provide further explanation.


Resources available to researchers at the Infant/Toddler Lab School include:

  • Research pull-out rooms: Pull-out rooms are available that allow research to be conducted in a quiet, focused environment.
  • Video equipment: The ITLS observation room is equipped with audiovisual capability. Each room is equipped with cameras and remote microphones that allow children's activities to be seen, heard, and videotaped via TV's located in each corner of the observation room.
  • Research tag boards: Color-coded classroom research tag boards inform researchers which children are available to pull for research each day.
  • Observation booth: The observation booth offers researchers an effective and unobtrusive way to gain observational data of children.
  • Bio-behavioral lab
  • Family data: Researchers receive access to a database that includes a wealth of family demographic information for each child at the ITLS that can be used in a variety of ways (i.e., screening possible subjects, collecting demographic information, etc.)
  • Assistance with recruitment: The ITLS will assist with the recruitment of ITLS families by distributing and collecting consent forms for researchers.
  • Assistance with research team training: The Institute of Child Development and Family Relations employs staff who offer training in the use of ITLS technical equipment.


If you are interested in touring our facility prior to conducting research please contact our director, Deanna Brown, at We are happy to show you our facilities and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.