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Practicum Experience

Internship Opportunities

All internship opportunities are arranged directly through the CD 5755 course. For questions regarding Child Development internships, please email:

The Infant/Toddler Lab School offers a developmentally appropriate learning environment for children ages 3 months through 36 months of age. We have 3 classrooms for interns to gain experience in, and interns spend a full semester with one group of children/age group. Interns are assigned a mentor teacher in the classroom they complete hours in to receive on the spot training and as a point of contact on a day-to-day basis.

Sample Duties/Responsibilities of an intern:

  • Provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for children enrolled in the program
  • Engage with children in developmentally appropriate teacher-child interactions
  • Participate in collecting and preparing materials for daily activities
  • Interact with the children and encourage their involvement in activities
  • Manage children’s behavior using positive guidance techniques and limit setting
  • Assist teachers in observing and documenting children’s learning
  • Plan and implement activities based off children’s current interests
  • Cleaning responsibilities: maintenance of order and neatness in indoor and outdoor classrooms, sanitize according to licensing regulations, sweeping, mopping, and other duties as assigned

Lab Students

Students enrolled in CD 2281 or CD 2282 may complete their lab hours at the Infant/Toddler Lab School. Students who enroll for lab hours with their professor are given priority for the times available at the center. Students wishing to add or change hours after the initial sign up may do so at the center based on availability.

Prior to your first day of lab, you must provide a current TB test (no more than 1 year old from start date), up to date immunizations, and a form of i.d. to our administrative assistant. You will be given an Intern/Lab Student Handbook. This must be read in full before you can be in the classrooms with the children. On your first day of lab, you must check in with the administrative coordinator. DO NOT PROCEED DIRECTLY TO THE CLASSROOMS.

From the administrative assistant you will be directed to your appropriate classroom and introduced to the teacher(s) you will be working with. Each time you come to lab you will need to sign in and out on the classroom sign-in sheet (this sign in sheet is different than the personal sign-in sheet you may be using for whatever course you are enrolled in). In addition, each day when you enter the classroom you will be asked to wear a name tag that identifies you as a lab student or an intern.