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Study Abroad in Valladolid, Spain

Stop by the College of Education at Study Abroad Office, CE 348, to find out more.

The University of Valladolid, whose history can be traced back to the 13th century, has been the inspirational foundation for numerous other prestigious universities in Spain. It has at all times upheld its firm commitment to teaching and research and, while forging links with Europe and the Americas, has remained deeply committed to its home region of Castilla y Leon. Four campuses, Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia and Soria, offer over 100 degree options, including numerous postgraduate and Ph.D programs, distinguished research centers, a wide range of cultural and sports activities, and a rich architectural and archival heritage. For more information about Universidad de Valladolid.

Two four-unit courses will be offered for credit in the Spain Abroad Summer Program: Lower Division (Span 101-103, Span 201-203, and Span 214) and Upper Division (Span 302/402, Span 410). Span 515 and Span 517 (Certificate as a Second Language for Spanish Teachers/ Instructors) are offered for the Spanish majors and graduate students. 

The faculty for the CSUSB Spain Summer Program are Dr. Arturo Fernández Gibert, Professor of Spanish (, and Dr. J. David Jerez-Gómez, Associate Professor of Spanish (, both Spanish natives with experience in Study Abroad. They will have the pleasure of accompanying CSUSB students in what was once the court and capital of the Spanish Empire, now a modern and captivating European city.   

Download the Study Abroad in Valladolid Flyer

Information for 2019 provided as reference. Details for future dates may differ.


June 26 - July 27, 2019


Lower Division: SPAN 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, 214

Upper Division: SPAN 302, 402, 410*, 515F*

HUM: 340* Cannot be taken simultaneously

Estimated Program Fee



  • Salamanca
  • Segovia 
  • Santander


Dr. Arturo Fernandez-Gibert


Please, visit the CISP Program website for more information or join us at the meeting to learn about your once-in-lifetime experience in Spain next summer!

Email Emilio Rodriguez or the faculty coordinators, Dr. Arturo Fernández Gibert and Dr. J. David Jerez-Gómez if you have any questions.Study Abroad Office: CE 256, (909) 537-5212 


Study Abroad Trip to Spain and Sweden

The Mediterranean Studies Academy faculty lead a Study Abroad Summer program in Granada, Spain, organized by the College of Business and Public Administration. The Department of World Languages and Literatures collaborates offering HUM 340-02: Interpretation and values (taught by prof. Jerez-Gomez), as part of the program curriculum. CBPA offers Management 306: Expository Writing or Administration 590 / 690 (taught by prof. Matthew Habich).

Information for 2019 provided as reference. Details for future dates may differ.

Granada (10 nights); Malaga (1 night); Stockholm (3 nights)
The trip to Spain will be June 30-July 11, and to Sweden from July 12-14, 2019

Students may take ONE or TWO courses, each course will be taught as hybrid and will meet in Summer Session 6W1 (online and face to face instruction).

Led by: J. David Jerez-Gomez, Professor of Spanish and Humanities,

For more details, visit the Program Page.
Download the Slide Presentation.

A minimum of 10 students are required for this program.  Mandatory orientation in May 24, 2019, 2-4 pm

Cultural Excursions

Picasso Museum (Málaga), Workshops at the University of Granada.  Enrichment activities include Cathedral tour, Albaycin tour, Olive oil workshop, Factory visit, Alhambra tour, and Flamenco Show (Granada); Day trip to Córdoba; 2 days Stockholm exploration

group photo

Program Costs

Program Activities & Fees $3275
Insurance $75
Application fee to CGM $150
Tuition (4-8 units) $1000-$2000
Total $3,500 + Tuition

Includes international flight, local ground transportation, all meals, lodging, activities and visits in itinerary, entrance fees.
(See additional expenses below)


Due Date Amount Type
Feb. 1  $150  Application Fee to Center for Global Management
Feb. 27   $1350 First Payment
March 27 $2000 Second Payment 
May 10 $1000-$2000  Tuition
May 17  $3500 + tuition  All Payments Due

Additional Costs

Personal Expenses $115
Passport $135
Vaccinations As recommended by CDC
Grand Total $3,750 + Tuition

Program subject to university approval.

Application Procedures

  1. Fill out online application
  2. Students should start the application immediately NOTE: 5 forms (found in the online application) must be printed and submitted to the Center for Global Management Jack Brown College 404, located on the 4th floor.
  3. If students do not have a passport, they must start the passport process. It takes 4-6 weeks to receive your passport. 
  4. A profile picture must be uploaded.

2017 Group in the Mediterranean Studies Academy

Mediterranean Studies Academy Student Travelogues about Spain 2017

Eva Lopez -Granada, Spain 2017

"The study abroad program to Granada 2017 meant more to me than just a trip to another country. My daughter, Annelise, a non CSUSB student, was able to accompany me as a gift for her recent graduation from UCR as well as a birthday present which she celebrated while on this trip. She was my faithful companion throughout this trip."

Read more about Eva Lopez's experience in Granada.

Kimberly Cardenas-Granada, Spain 2017

"I am absolutely thankful for the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time with the help of the Presidential Award. Embarking on this two week study abroad throughout southern Spain was truly unforgettable in every way and more. I couldn’t be happier with my decision since this was an opportunity to explore my Spanish heritage."

Read more about Kimberly Cardenas's experience in Granada.

Jenny Espinoza- Spain 2017

"Before traveling to Spain, the only place I had visited out of the country was Mexico. As a third year student, I really wanted to explore all the options I had, while attending CSUSB. I found out that there was a Mediterranean course that would be offered in the summer and was immediately interested to sign up, especially once I found out that Dr. Jerez- Gomez would be teaching the course."

Read more about Jenny Espinoza's experience in Spain.

Valeria Zaragoza- Granada, Spain 2017

'Incredible is an understatement when describing my experience in Granada, Spain. Never did I imagine that I would fall so quickly and deeply in love with this two-week journey. Not only did this trip rekindle my interest in the beauty of literature while taking Humanities 340 with Professor Jerez-Gomez in Spain, it was rewarding to travel with a group of strangers that turned into friends (since I have only traveled with family or by myself).'

Read more about Valeria Zaragoza's experience in Granada.


2017 Group in Granada, Spain