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Interns Final Reports 2015-2019

Watershed Management Interns' Final Deliverables


Final Project Reports
Student and Major CSU/CCC Campus Project Title Deliverables
Taylor Harms Allan Hancock College An Objective Analysis of US Forest Infrastructure of the Santa Lucia Ranger District Taylor Harms Final Report
Jose Chavez Bakersfield College Four Beetles Project Jose Chavez Final Report
Sarah Buzby-Rynders CSU Bakersfield Evaluating Cost Effectiveness of Treating Unconventional Water Resources for Agriculture Use Sarah Buzby-Rynders Final Report
Jose Gonzalez CSU Bakersfield Los Padres National Forest: Santa Barbara Ranger District Water Resources Project Jose Gonzalez Final Report
Timea Mezei CSU Bakersfield Evaluating Cost Effectiveness of Treating Unconventional Water Resources for Agriculture Use Timea Mezei Final Report
Ryan Parlier CSU Bakersfield California Energy Research Center Ryan Parlier Final Report
Anthony Ponce CSU Bakersfield Toxic Water Emissions and Economic Growth Anthony Ponce Final Report
Julio Chavez Butte College Four Beetles Project Julio Chavez Final Report
Dorothy Horn CSU Channel Islands Pervasive Plastics: A New Challenge for Crabs and our Sandy Beach Ecosystems Dorothy Horn Final Report
Erica Plasencia CSU Chico Measuring Mercury in Runoff from Burned Watersheds Erica Plasencia Final Report
Mia Conde CSU Chico Angeles National Forest Washouts and Roads Mia Conde Final Report
Andrew Bardone College of the Sequoias Erosion Control Through the Application of Gypsum Andrew Bardone Final Report
Alysha Curtis College of the Sequoias USDA/NRCS Engineering Internship Alysha Curtis Final Report
Blake Doyle College of the Sequoias Natural Resources Conservation Service- Visalia Blake Doyle Final Report
Erialett Fernandez College of the Sequoias USDA NRCS Engineering Internship Erialett Fernandez Final Report
Joanna Ochoa College of the Sequoias Transmitting Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Calls To Disrupt Mating Joanna Ochoa Final Report
Erick Osorno College of the Sequoias Erosion Control Through the Application of Gypsum Erick Osorno Final Report
Isabel Lambert College of the Sequoias NRCS USDA Internship Isabel Lambert Final Project
Isabel Santos College of the Sequoias Natural Resources Conservation Service- United States Department of Agriculture Isabel Santos Final Report
Sasha Escamilla CSU Dominguez Hills Native Gardens as a Tool for Watershed and Ecosystem Health Sasha Escamilla Final Report
Michelle Mohr CSU Dominguez Hills Drought Reconstruction in the Cascade Creek Watershed Lake Tahoe, California Michelle Mohr Final Report
Alicia Salmeron CSU Dominguez Hills Green Waste Management Through Composting at Cal State Dominguez Hills (2018) Alicia Salmeron Final Report
Alicia Salmeron CSU Dominguez Hills Reclaimed Wastewater and its Benefits when Used to Make Compost Alicia Salmeron Final Report 2
Daniella Cazares CSU East Bay Water Quality and Discharge Monitoring to Enhance Community Involvement in the Sausal Creek Watershed, Oakland Daniella Cazares Final Report
Nathan Veale CSU East Bay Groundwater Study for the Plum Restoration Project Nathan Veale Final Project
Jennifer Bahramian CSU East Bay Potter Valley Hydroelectric Project Relicensing of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Jennifer Bahramian Final Project
Zaira Alvarez Fresno State Sanitary Surveys Zaira Alvarez Final Report
Jovany Canchola Fresno State Hydrologic Conductivity Assessment in the Upper Big Creek Watershed Jovany Canchola Final Report
Eduardo Davila Fresno State Internship at the Modoc National Forest Eduardo Davila Final Report
Cody Ellis-Herring Fresno State Upper Big Creek Priority Watershed Road Inventory and Hydrologic Conductivity Assessment Cody Ellis-Herring Final Report
Emily Laplante Fresno State Culvert Inventory of Sierra National Forest Emily Laplante Final Report
Laura Martinez Fresno State Plant Science Internship Laura Martinez Final Report
Alicia Nam Fresno State Engineering Internship with Modoc National Forest Alicia Nam Final Report
Victor Obando Fresno State Assessing the Effect of Salinity on the Relative Crop Yield Through the use of Irrigation and Drainage Model CSUID Victor Obando Final Report
Nathalie Quintero Fresno State The Monitoring, Recording, and Surveying of Archeological Sites - Modoc National Forest Nathalie Quintero Final Report
Alejandro Ramirez Fresno State Four Beetles Project Alejandro Ramirez Final Report
Darian Rodriguez-Radyko Fresno State South Fork American River Watershed Cohesive Fire Strategy Wildlife Surveys and Habitat Restoration Project Darian Rodriguez-Radyko Final Report
Joey Serrano Fresno State Water Resources of the Sierra National Forest Joey Serrano Final Report
Dayadeepak Singh Fresno State Road Water Interaction Stanislaus National Forest Dayadeepak Singh Final Report
Sean Spencer Fresno State Hydrologic and Geologic Review of the Hat Creek Basin and Surroundinng Areas Sean Spencer Final Report
Veronica Batallones CSU Fullerton Plant Identification and Restoration of the Interpretive Garden Veronica Batallones Final Report
Sophia Avalos Humboldt State Working Towards Sustaining the Natural Ecological Balance on the Modoc National Forest Sophia Avalos Final Report
Jonnathan Barbour Humboldt State Balancing Botanical Integrity and Diversity with Land Use on Public Lands Jonnathan Barbour Final Report
Emily Cooper Humboldt State Estimating Potential Stream Carrying Capacity with an Assessment of Anadromous Salmonid Habitat in the Upper Mainstem Eel River, California, USA Emily Cooper Final Report
Isabelle Cristescu Humboldt State Ranch Fire Hazard Tree Abatement Isabelle Cristescu Final Report
Jeremy Dustin Humboldt State Kings River Experimental Watersheds Jeremy Dustin Final Report
Suzan Homsombath Humboldt State Chalk Mountain Plantation and Late-Successional Reserve Variable Density Thinning Suzan Homsombath Final Report
Katrina Clare Nystrom Humboldt State Quantifying Pacific lamprey (Entosphenous tridentus) ammocoete habitat availability and risk associated with the summer hydrograph recession limb in Coastal Northern California Katrina Clare Nystrom Final Report
Vannia Pena Humboldt State Using Historical Vegetation Surveys to Guide Future Restoration on First 48 Fuel Break Project in the Mad River Ranger District Vannia Pena Final Report
Ryan Salas Humboldt State Mendocino National Forest Ryan Salas Final Report
Natalie Gonzalez Imperial Valley College The Effects of Agricultural Practices in the Imperial Valley Natalie Gonzalez Final Report
John Tamayo Imperial Valley College USDA - Irrigation/Water Resource Research and Weed Science Research Internship John Tamayo Final Report
Josef Vargas Imperial Valley College Water Resources Experiential Learning Josef Vargas Final Report
Tam Doan CSU Long Beach Skermania pniformis Foaming Incident in a Biological Nurtient Removal Plant in Southern California Tam Doan Final Report
Eduardo Gamez CSU Long Beach Investigation of Microplastics and their Absorption of Polycyclic Aromatic
Hydrocarbons and Compounds of Concern in Water Associated with
their Removals by Engineering Systems
Eduardo Gamez Final Report
Jim Nguyen CSU Long Beach Investigation of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) with an additional focus on Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) in Wastewater and Groundwater Jim Nguyen Final Report
Amanda Chaney Modesto Junior College Recognizing and Adapting to Logistical Challenges at the Farm Field level Amanda Chaney Final Report
Elizabeth Eichorn CSU Monterey Bay Watershed and Agricultural Resources Management in the Pajaro River Watershed Elizabeth Eichorn Final Report
Steve Flores CSU Monterey Bay Assessing Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters of Stream Communities Along Watersheds of the Los Padres National Forest Steve Flores Final Report
Kathleen Hicks CSU Monterey Bay Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve Technical Report: Long-term Water Quality Trends Kathleen Hicks Final Report
Fabiola Larios CSU Monterey Bay Habitat Restoration in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed Fabiola Larios Final Report
Arev Markaranian CSU Monterey Bay Spatial and Hydrologic Analysis of San Bernardino National Forest Arev Markaranian Final Report
Isabella Rosales CSU Monterey Bay Sequoia National Forest Meadow Survey Internship 2016 Isabella Rosales Final Report
Kelcey Tern CSU Monterey Bay Rural Road Ram Pilot Application: Effectivity of the Rural Road Ram Smartphone Application Kelcey Tern Final Report
Emily Wilkinson CSU Monterey Bay Building a Stream Condition Inventory Geodatabase for Sequoia National Forest Emily Wilkinson Final Report
Kevin Ankerberg CSU Northridge Geomorphological Survey of Piru Creek, Downstream of Pyramid Lake Kevin Ankerberg Final Report
Taylor Borsuk CSU Northridge Spatial Variability of Soil Moisture Content in California Sagebrush Terrain Taylor Borsuk Final Report
Christian L. DeCasas CSU Northridge Improvement of the National Hydrography Dataset for US Forest Service Region 3 in Cooperation with the National Forest Service Christian L. DeCasas Final Report
Luis Devera CSU Northridge WRPI Final Report:Cottonwood Campground and San Francisquito Creek Luis Devera Final Report
Dynasty Machado CSU Northridge Aliso Creek Pedestrian Bridge Dynasty Machado Final Report
Suzette Mera CSU Northridge Piru Creek - Fluvial Inventory Suzette Mera Final Report
Allison Moncada CSU Northridge National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Update Project for US Forest Service Region 3 (2017) Allison Moncada Final Project
Allison Moncada CSU Northridge National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Update Project for US Forest Service Region 3 (2018) Allison Moncada Final Project 2
Allison Moncada CSU Northridge National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Update Project for the Department of Water Resources Allison Moncada Final Report 3
Christopher Notto CSU Northridge Stream Condition Inventory for Angeles National Forest (2018) Christopher Notto Final Report
Christopher Notto CSU Northridge Stream Condition Inventory for Angeles National Forest (2019) Christopher Notto Final Report 2
Mony Sea CSU Northridge Water Rights Report 2018: Mount Pinos Ranger District, Los Padres National Forest Mony Sea Final Report
Jamie Seguerra CSU Northridge San Francisquito Creek Stream Condition Inventory Report Jamie Seguerra Final Report
Jonathan I. Tejeda CSU Northridge Stream Condition Inventory: Cottonwood Campground - Lake Elizabeth Canyon Stream, CA Jonathan I. Tejeda Final Report
Andrew Kennedy Cal Poly Pomona Raising Awareness of Hexavalent Chromium Contamination in Drinking Water of Disadvantaged Communities Andrew Kennedy Final Report
Cristina Plemel Cal Poly Pomona Redesigning Vogal Flat Angeles National Forest, California Cristina Plemel FInal Report
Ryan Wilson Cal Poly Pomona WRPI Watershed Management and Forest Water System Operations San Bernardino National Forest Service Ryan Wilson Final Report


Victoria Celeste Araujo Reedley College Evaluation of Selected Salt and Boron Guayale Ecotypes Grown in Saline Field Microplot Growing Conditions Victoria Celeste Araujo Final Report
Rafael N. Reyes Riverside City College Engineering Approach to the Restoration of Vogel Flats Picnic Site Rafael N. Reyes Final Report
Natalie Vaughn Riverside City College East Fork San Gabriel River: Camp 19
Stream Conditioning Inventory
Natalie Vaughn Final Project
Sateur Ham Sacramento State Salt Project - Mendocino National Forest Sateur Ham Final Report
Chris Hersey Sacramento State English Meadow: California Rapid Assessment Method Slope Wetland Assessment and Evaluation Chris Hersey Final Report
Ignacio Sanchez Sacramento State Sanitary Surveys Ignacio Sanchez Final Report
Miguel Sanchez Sacramento State Wildlife and Habitat Surveys for the South Fork American River Watershed Cohesive Fire Strategy Miguel Sanchez Final Report
Madeline Blua CSU San Bernardino Water Quality Analysis of Lake Gregory, Crestline, California Madeline Blua Final Report
Jose Santos Cruz CSU San Bernardino INYO National Forest- Deadman's Watershed Roads Jose Santos Cruz Final Report
Sara Olsen CSU San Bernardino East Fork San Gabriel River Sara Olsen Final Project
Seth Clemen D. Saludez CSU San Bernardino Debris Flow Monitoring in Forest Falls, California Seth Clemen D. Saludez Final Report
Evenia DiCicco CSU San Luis Obispo Impact of water stress and excess on Cytospora canker disease Evenia DiCicco Final Report
Cassandra Casares San Diego Mesa College Forest Health and Water Quality Cassandra Casares Final Report
Nicholas Aponte San Diego State United States Forest Service Internship Nicholas Aponte Final Report
Emily Estrada San Diego State Watershed Management Internship Program San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Emily Estrada Final Report / Final Report 2
Lawson Hardrick San Diego State Benefits, Barriers, and Opportunities for Renewable Energy and Natural Resources Lawson Hardrick Final Report
Maegan Salinas San Diego State Identifying Patterns of Crop Water Consumption in the Imperial Valley, California Using Remotely Sensed Estimates of Evapotranspiration and NDVI Maegan Salinas Final Report
Theodore Mendoza San Diego State USDA Trails Strategy - WRI: English Peak Survey Theodore Mendoza Final Report
Leslie Barajas San Diego State - Imperial Valley Benefits, Barriers, and Opportunities for Renewable Energy and Natural Resources Program Leslie Barajas Final Report
Emily Estrada San Diego State - Imperial Valley USDA-FSA, Seed Cotton Base Acre Allocation, Yield Update, Election and Enrollment Emily Estrada Final Report
Rocio Ortiz San Diego State- Imperial Valley United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Development Rocio Ortiz Final Report
Mariana Gonzalez Castro San Diego State- Imperial Valley University of California Desert Research and Extension Center/Farm Smart Program Mariana Gonzalez Castro Final Report
Martha Sanchez San Diego State- Imperial Valley United States Department of Agriculture- Rural Development Martha Sanchez Final Project
Rebecca Sanchez San Diego State - Imperial Valley United States Department of Agriculture - Natural Resource Conservation Service Rebecca Sanchez Final Report
David Espinoza San Francisco State University Assessment of High-Elevation Lakes Exceeding Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in the Greater Yellowstone Area David Espinoza Final Report
Jessica Rodriguez San Francisco State University Groundwater Recharge Sensitivity to Low Impact Development Design and Future Climate Change Jessic Rodriguez Final Report
Ian Severais San Jose State University WRPI Watershed Management Internship Program: San Bernardino National Forest and Sand to Snow National Monument Ian Severais Final Report
Rachel Seidner Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Constructing a System Dynamic Model for Wastewater Irrigation Rachel Seidner Final Report
Walter Calderon-Schweitzer University of California, Santa Barbara Compliance of the Mt. Pinos Ranger District Water Rights Walter Calderon-Schweitzer Final Project
Kyle H. Broach University of California, Santa Cruz Range Water Quality of Cattle Allotments in Lassesn National Forest Kyle H. Broach Final Report
Jorge Briceno Southwestern Community College USDA Trails Strategy Program Jorge Briceno Final Report 1 - Final Report 2
Natalia Rico Southwestern Community College Historical Vegetation of the "First 48" Fuels Brake Project Natalia Rico Final Report
Shawn Velasquez Southwestern Community College Into the Field with the Cleveland National Forest Shawn Velasquez Final Report - Bore Beetles - Inaja Fire - Native Peoples
Victoria Martinez CSU Stanislaus Tuolumne River Water Quality Monitoring Project Victoria Martinez Final Report
Alec Schmitt CSU Stanislaus Resource Inventory, Conservation Planning, and Implementation Project Alec Schmitt Final Report
Ang Diku Sherpa CSU Stanislaus Ecological Assessment of Meadows in the Sierra Nevada Ang Diku Sherpa Final Report
Taiga Yamaguchi CSU Stanislaus Effects of Parasitism on the Fecundity of the Pacific Mole Crab, Emerita analoga Taiga Yamaguchi Final Report
Talen Wickenden Ventura Community College Assessing Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters of Stream Communities Along Watersheds of the Los Padres National Forest Talen Wickenden Final Report