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Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board of the Water Resources Institute plays an important role in providing advice to the Director, business contacts in various industries and regions, and overall direction of the WRI's programs. The Advisory Board is a group of water managers, business managers, public officials, educators, and others with an interest in the success of the WRI, and meets at least three times a year as a group.

Members of the Advisory Board include:

  • Chair: Hank Stoy, Board Member, Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Asche, Peggy  West Valley Water District
  • Atwell, Debi SB County Flood Control
  • Besser, Kathy  Inland Empire Utilities Agency
  • Bialecki, Hugh  Save Our Forest - President
  • Brenner, Beth  CSUSB, AVP Development
  • Carruthers, Andrea  Inland Empire Utilities Agency
  • Castro, Vivian Grace  Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  • Charbonneau, Denis  Land Steward, Rivers and Lands Conservancy
  • Cisneros, Angel  Jurupa Community Services District
  • Coates, Breena 
  • Cozad, Daniel  San Bernardino Valley Conservation District
  • Davis, Jeff  San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency
  • Eke, Kenneth  SB County Flood Control
  • Feldmann, Drew  San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society
  • Mackenzie, AllisonBabcock Laboratories, Inc
  • Malloy, Kelly  East Valley Water District
  • Marz, Nick  Babcock Laboratories, Inc
  • McGuire, Rachel  Western MWD
  • Melchiorrre, Erik  Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  • Milenkiewicz, Eric  CSUSB, Pfau Library
  • Mura, John  East Valley Water District
  • Nguyen, Anh  Jurupa Community Services District
  • Olds, Logan  Victory Valley Waste Water District
  • Parkes, Mandy  Inland Empire Resources Conservation District
  • Podolske, Diane  CSUSB, Office of Community Engagement  
  • Putman, Bree  Consultant, Environmental
  • Ralph, Johnnie Ann  CSUSB Library Dean Emeritus
  • Reed, Randall  Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Rittenberg, Becky  Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  • Skrzat, Elizabeth  Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  • Seroy, Linda  Salton Sea Authority
  • Simes, Jack  Bureau of Reclamation
  • Soriano, Tony  Surfrider Foundation
  • Stamer, Linda  Southern California Mountain Foundation
  • Stewart, Darleen  CSUSB Professor Emerita, Environmental Education
  • Victorino, Taya  Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Whitney, Deb  Bureau of Reclamation
  • Woodruff, April  Inland Empire Utilities Agency