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Joseph Andrew Rowe Collection

This collection is primarily related to the Santa Ana River and its tributaries, but includes areas throughout the state of California, including the Central Valley, Mojave River areas, and Los Angeles. The Rowe Collection, the cornerstone of our Archives, was begun in 1916 by Penn Rowe, who added historical documents dating to the 1870’s.  Joe added documents to the Collection until the mid 1980’s.  The Collection also includes most USGS Water Supply Papers from the 1890's to the 1970's, and California State documents published by the Department of Water Resources and its predecessor agencies. Over 4,000 aerial photos from the Rowe collection are web-accessible which represent just a small part of the overall Rowe Collection. Joseph A. Rowe, a graduate of Stanford University, was an engineer who specialized in water resources. Together with his father, William Penn Rowe, also an engineer, they ran a consulting business in the San Bernardino Valley that included many public agencies in the region, in particular water agencies. By the end of Joe’s career he had collected thousands of water related documents that he donated to the San Bernardino County Museum. With Joe’s permission, the Collection was eventually donated to California State University San Bernardino.