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The Water Resources Institute of Cal State San Bernardino is a place to convene, to study, to meet challenges and to solve problems related to the most critical of water issues, water resources.

The WRI is active in water resources arenas of science, public policy, and history. The institute was founded, in part, to be a repository for water resources related materials and we have an extensive collection of books, historical research, legal papers, technical database and other water resources related materials. A highlight of our entire collection is a series of papers on political leaders and others who have had a major impact on water resources policy.

The WRI was recommended by the Faculty Senate to be established in 1999 in recognition that water is one of the most precious resources in the region. With the mission of making water an area of distinction at CSUSB, the WRI set out to build partnerships to support the Inland Empire communities it serves.

The WRI collection was named the Joseph Andrew Rowe Water Resources Archives (Archives) in 2008 in recognition of an endowed gift by the daughters of Mr. Rowe, Mary Ann McVey and Patricia Rowe Watt.

The WRI has made significant progress in establishing itself as a regionally prominent institution. It serves as a regional hub for academics, students, political leaders, public policy makers, water professionals, businesses and environmental groups to get the latest water resource information and come together to exchange views.