Short Term Military Leave Policy

Non-Withdrawal Option

CSUSB supports students called to active duty in the U.S. Military. The policies and procedures described in this document apply to CSUSB students who are U.S. Military service members that are voluntarily or involuntarily called to active duty including service in the National Guard or Reserves. Short term absence due to military commitment pertains to those who will miss classes for their military service or necessitates withdrawal for a period that does not exceed 2 consecutive quarters (excluding summer).

For absences that do not result in a withdrawal from the quarter:

Federal regulations require CSUSB to track abscences due to military service. Therefore, students who miss more than 1 week of classes due to military service must fillout and submit the 

Military service members who will miss classes for short-term military service or for training exercises are encouraged to contact their instructors as soon as they become aware of the need for the absence.

  • Faculty members may request a copy of orders, letter from a commanding officer, etc.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to make academic accommodations or opportunities for students to complete course assignments and/or exams when possible.

Withdrawal Option

For absences that result in withdrawal from a quarter and/or no enrollment for up to 2 consecutive quarters (excluding summer):

Military service members who were absent from CSUSB for service in the Armed Forces are eligible to return to CSUSB based on the following provisions:

  1. Absence is due to active service in the Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserves, for more than 30 days.
    • Students will be asked to submit the  to the Veterans Success Center and documentation that the absence is due to service in the Armed Forces.
      • Examples of such documentation include a copy of orders, letter from a commanding officer


               Students who do not submit the form and documentation prior to service may provide documentation at the time of return.*

  1. Students will maintain their program, enrollment and academic status.
  2. As provided for in the California Education Code 66023, CSUSB will refund fees paid by the student for the term in which he or she was called to active military service.
  3. Based on federal regulations, institutions have the discretion to determine whether a student is prepared to return to his or her program with the same academic status at the point where the student left off, or will not be able to complete the program. CSUSB will make reasonable efforts at no extra cost to the student to help the student become prepared or to enable the student to complete the program with additional assistance such as providing refresher courses at no extra cost to the student and allowing the student to retake a pretest at no extra cost to the student.

*Students who are unable to provide documentation due to military necessity (for example, because of a classified mission, operation or exercise) may sign a statement attesting that the absence was due to military service.