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California Fee Waiver

*Reprinted from California Department of Veteran Affairs

The spouse, child(ren), or unmarried surviving spouse of a service connected disabled or deceased veteran may be entitled to the College Fee Waiver for Veterans Dependents.


A basic overview of eligibility includes:

  • Having a parent who is a disabled veteran (0% or more disabled) or having a spouse who is service-connected (S/C) deceased or rated 100% S/C disabled;
  • Being a child earning less than $12,331 per year. *Note: there is no income limit for a spouse or children of S/C deceased or 100% S/C disabled veterans;
  • Attending a California Community College, California State University, or a University of California school;
  • The student must meet the in-state residency requirements as determined by the school, and;
  • Provide proof of the student's relationship to the veteran such as a copy of a birth or marriage certificate.


The spouse, child or unmarried surviving spouse or California certified registered domestic partner (RDP) of a veteran who is totally service-connected disabled or who has died of service-related causes, may qualify. The veteran must have served during a period of war declared by Congress, or been awarded a Campaign or Expeditionary Medal. This program does not have an income limit. A child must be under 27 years of age to receive the fee waiver benefit. The age limit is extended to 30 years of age if the child is a veteran. There are no age limits for a spouse, surviving spouse or RDP. *Note: a dependent cannot receive this benefit if they are in receipt of VA Chapter 35 benefits,


The child (no age limit) of a veteran who has a service-connected disability, or had a service-connected disability at the time of death, or who died of service-related causes, may also qualify for a waiver of fees. The child's income, which includes the student's ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME, PLUS THE VALUE OF SUPPORT provided by a parent, cannot exceed the "national poverty level" as published by the U.S. Census Bureau on December 31st of last year.


Any dependent, non-remarried surviving spouse, or current RDP of a member of the California National Guard who was killed, permanently disabled or died of a disability that resulted from activation under Military and Veterans Code Section 146 is eligible.

NOTE: This figure changes annually. To obtain the applicable national poverty level, contact your local County Veterans Service Office (CVSO).

If you are receiving VA Education Benefits under Chapter 35 (Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance), you are not eligible to receive the College Fee Waiver for Veterans Dependents under Plan A.

How to Apply

  1. Obtain and fill out the College Fee Waiver Program form 
  2. Obtain a copy of the student’s birth certificate
    • If the student is a step-child you will need a copy of the parents' marriage license
  3. During Covid-19: In lieu of the 2019 Verification of Non-Filing Letter please sign and submit a VSD-022 form
    • This allows the college fee waiver to be processed now.

AFTER JULY 15, 2020:

  1. Obtain the tax information of the student for the previous year.

The San Diego Tax Board Field Office7575 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92108-4421

The LA Tax Board Field Office300 S. Spring Street, Suite 5704, Los Angeles, CA 90013-1265

The Santa Ana Tax Board Field Office600 W. Santa Ana Blvd, Suite 300, Santa Ana, CA 92701-4543

  1. Submit the necessary paperwork to your local County Veterans Service Office.
  2. Once CSUSB's School Certifying Official receives the award letter through the mail, e-mail or fax, it is then submitted to CSUSB's student accounts office so it can be applied to the student's account.

Applications should be filled out and completed before attending school. Benefits are awarded on an academic year basis and students are required to reapply each year for ongoing benefits.

What it Pays for

The College Tuition Fee Waiver Program for Veterans Dependents waives mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. The student is responsible for campus-based fees. This program does not cover expenses like books, housing and parking. This benefit is applicable to one academic year only and must be renewed each academic year. Many colleges and universities have campus based and extension fees which may not be waived, contact CSUSB’s Veterans Success Center for additional information.

For additional information visit the College Fee Waiver Program for Veterans Dependents webpage or call 1(800)952-5626.

To obtain eligibility requirements and assistance in applying for these benefits, please contact your local County Veterans Service Office or the Veterans Success Center.