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Migrant Writing Circle

Migrant Writing Circle

The Migrant Writing Circle at CSUSB is open to CSUSB students, staff, alums, and community members.  The focus of the circle is to build community through the process of writing. Members do not need to have writing experience to participate. We work together to create a supportive writing environment to reflect, learn, and share (whenever members feel comfortable). We also hope participation in the writing group contributes to members’ understanding of the different facets of our identities and our writing practice outside of the circle. For more information contact the USSC or   


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CSUSB Coyote Chronicle read the article: Migrant Writing Circle invites undocumented individuals to share their works 

by Sydney Fregozo


*The Migrant Writing Circle will be coming back soon for another semester at CSUSB this Fall 2021, new updates soon!*