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Coyote Dreamers & CDAN

Coyote Dreamers Ally Network:

Mission: The Coyote Dreamers Ally Network (CDAN) at California State University, San Bernardino is a network of faculty, staff, and community members committed to providing services to the undocumented and DREAMers student body at CSUSB. We are an extension to the Dreamers Resource and Success Center (DRSC) at CSUSB which opened its doors on November 5, 2015. Both CDAN and the DRSC have the shared goal of providing as many resources as possible for this underrepresented community at CSUSB and in our larger community of San Bernardino County. In the last year, the DRSC has been working hard to provide resources for our DREAMers through workshops, networking, advising, as well as provide a space where students can feel comfortable asking for assistance regardless of their immigration status. CDAN has been working towards providing an additional resource in form of a fund that students can apply for assistance. This CDAN Gift Fund will be an emergency fund for undocumented students in need of assistance with tuition, books, housing, personal emergencies, study abroad opportunities, and immigration procedures.

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Undocumented Alumni Chapter:

Mission: To build a community that advocates and creates opportunities for the academic excellence,  professional growth, and advancement of Undocumented students, alumni, faculty, and community at large. The Undocumented Alumni chapter focuses on advocacy, networking, and fundraising to develop resources for our students and our community at large. We welcome all undocumented, DACAmented, AB-540, undocu-black, undocu-queer, TPS holders, etc., and allies onto our chapter.  Our chapter provides an inclusive and safe space for our members. If you are interested in receiving more information and/or if you are interested in being a part of the Undocumented Alumni Chapter at CSUSB, please email us at For more information visit: CSUSB Undocumented Alumni Chapter

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Undocumented Advocates:

Mission: To encourage, promote, advocate and further the education of undocumented and ally students by raising awareness about financial and educational general resources available to them. Undocumented Advocates @ CSUSB is a student organization and support network for all students regardless of their social and immigration status at California State University, San Bernardino, and across diverse communities. We form a camaraderie of people working together, networking, advocating, sharing our day-to-day experiences, struggles, and successes, to fulfill our personal and educational goals.

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