Campus Resources

Provides comprehensive career services, including career exploration/guidance, career fairs, interview skills and resume/cover letter development workshops, as well as assistance in finding internships. Career counseling is by appointment.

Career Center Website
University Hall, Room 329
(909) 537-5250

A consultation and referral service made up of a panel of 27 attorneys specializing in various areas of law.

College Legal Clinic Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 108
(909) 537-5936

Provides mental health counseling, advocacy, and outreach and consultation in a safe, supportive and culturally-informed environment. Offers individual counseling, couples counseling and group counseling as well as educational workshops.

Counseling and Psychological Services Website
Health Center
(909) 537-5040

Provides programs and services to aid student’s personal, educational, cultural, social, political and professional growth and to foster a sense of community. 

Cross Cultural Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 102
(909) 537-7204

Dedicated to supporting the academic achievement and personal success of First People students while promoting and celebrating your traditional heritage such as but not limited to American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians. 

First People’s Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 102

Offer medical services includeing primary care, immunizations, nursing care and health education. We are also conveniently equipped with a pharmacy and laboratory.

Health Center Website
Student Health Center
(909) 537-5241

A welcoming space for students of all faiths to study, host meetings and relax between classes. 

Interfaith Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 202
(909) 537-3950

Provides a welcoming and dynamic environment that is supportive and inclusive for Latinos/as/x and allies.

LatinX Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 202B

University Ombuds works with university community members to help resolve university-related problems in a fair and civil manner. The services are confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resources.

Ombuds Services Website
Pfau Library Room 268
(909) 537-5635

Provides resources and serves as a bridge for adult/transfer entry students. 

Osher Adult Re-Entry Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union 111 
(909) 537-5253

Promotes and supports a sense of self-worth by focusing on developing the following six areas: Academic Excellence, Cultural Awareness, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Proactive Civic and Community Engagement, and Civic Engagement for people of the African Diaspora.

Pan-African Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union 102C 

Provides a platform for social justice as it is related to the rights of LGBTQQIA and faculty as a safe comfortable and open academic environment for all persons on the CSUSB Campus.

Queer and Transgender Resource Center Website
Santo Manuel Student Union, Room 112
(909) 537-5963 

Offers the CSUSB Community a wide range of activities and programs to enhance physical fitness, learn new skills, engage in friendly sports competition, expand one’s knowledge base/comfort level, relieve stress, and to simply have fun! 

Recreation & Wellness Center Website
Student Rec and Wellness Center
(909) 537-2348  

Our shuttle provides students with a transportation option to programs and services offered on both campuses. Eligible with a coyote ID.

Shuttle Transportation Website
Located at the University Parkway entrance
(909) 537-5912

Committed to providing eligible students accommodations that ensure equal access to learning and equal opportunity for academic success.

Student with Disabilities
University Hall, Room 183
(909) 537-5238

Providing the university with effective, timely, and consistent responses to all technology related support needs on a 24/7 basis. 

Technology Support Center
Pfau Library Wedge Room 1108
(909) 537-7677

Helps increase your understanding on what constitutes sexual and interpersonal misconduct, consent, being an effective bystander, and what to do if you or your friend experience sexual or interpersonal misconduct.

Title IX & Gender Equity Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 103
(909) 537-5669

Created as a centered location where resources and assistance can be easily accessible to the undocumented community.  

Undocumented Student Success Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 102B
(909) 537-5937

The Veterans Success Center supports all former, current, and future service members and their dependents with the transition from higher education to career, navigation through their academic experience, and celebration of their service and achievements by offering high-quality support services, resources, and events. 

Veteran's Success Center Website
Coyote Book Store Lower Lever Room 006
(909) 537-5195

Our purpose is to encourage women by providing services and programs which will enhance their college experience and help them actualize their fullest potential. 

Women’s Resource Center Website
Santos Manuel Student Union, Room 221
(909) 537-7203