Guide to Undergraduate Studies

Advising and Academic Services

The primary purpose is to assist students in the development and implementation of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their academic and life goals.

Contact: (909) 537-5034
University Hall, Room 380 

CSUSB Early Start Program (ESP) and Coyote First Step (CFS)

Coyote First STEP is CSUSB's FREE, fully residential summer experience for students who are required to participate in Early Start math and plan to attend CSUSB in fall.

Contact: (909) 537-5188
University Hall, Room 352

Early Assessment Program (EAP)

The purpose is to ensure that college-bound high school graduates have the English and mathematics skills expected by the state university.

Contact: (909) 537-5046
Univerity Hall, Room 403

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The purpose is to provide access to higher education for low-income, underrepresented students from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The EOP recruits, retains and graduates students by providing comprehensive support services: outreach, admission, orientation, academic advisement, career and personal counseling, financial guidance, grants and scholarships, and graduate school information. 

Contact: (909) 537-5042
University Hall, Room 395


Honors Program

The Honors Program provides students from all majors with a community of peers equally passionate about learning, and it gives them opportunities to participate in community, academic, creative and service experiences that enhance their learning in classrooms, labs or studios.

Contact: (909) 537-7472
University Hall, Room 362


Student Assistance in Learning (SAIL)

SAIL's mission is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of targeted students, which include undergraduate first-generation, low-income and college students with disabilities.  The project supports its students using a variety of avademic support, advising and counseling services.

Contact: (909) 537-5921
University Hall, Room 386

Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students at any stage of the writing process to interpret assignments, discover topics, expand ideas, clarify organization, incorporate counter-arguments, cite references, edit and proofread.

Contact: (909) 537-5232
College of Education, Room 310

Coyote Plus Programs

Contact: (909) 537-4499
  • Math Coaching

    Instructor Stephen Wentworth offers assistance to individuals and groups in mathematics.  You can get one-on-one assistance to improve your study techniques and to improve your understanding of the material being taught in class.Computer Lab.

  • Computer Lab

    Our computer lab has 28 computers with Coyote One pay printing.  We are located in UH-347 on the third floor of University Hall.  Assistance is available for our ITC during his posted hours.


Contact: (909) 537-3035
University Hall, Room 347
  • Student Mentoring Program

    Student Mentoring is a peer-led undergraduate success program that fosters academic excellence, campus connectedness, engagement, and the growth and development of participating students.  

Contact: (909) 537-7765
John M. Pfau Library, PL-208
  • Tutoring Program

    Tutoring supports students in CSUSB courses on a "walk-in" basis with challenging concepts, strengthening study skills and building academic confidence.  To achieve optimal results, students should bring course materials (syllabus, assignment prompts, etc.) and a few questions in mind.  

Contact: (909) 537-5038
University Hall, Room 351
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

    SI provides peer-led, small group, subject-matter support for students enrolled in challenging courses, focusing on key course concepts, effective learning strategies and study skills.

Contact: (909) 537-7355
University Hall, Room 401.22