Electric Cart Reservation

All requests to use the Undergraduate Studies Electric Golf Cart must be submitted via email with this request form. Requests must be submitted at least 3 working days prior to the date and time frame needed. All requests are subject to review by Undergraduate Studies Dean’s Office. 

The Dean’s Office reserves the right to reject any request, based on office need, prior reservation, and prior misuse of the cart.

The requesting office or department is responsible for any and all damage done to the cart while checked out by said office or department. A visual inspection of the cart by both departments  will be conducted in the borrower's presence when the cart keys are returned.

If the cart is to be used after normal business hours, the borrower is responsible for the cart until the return of the cart keys on the next business day.

The cart driver must follow all campus driving regulations: speed limits, pedestrian right-of-way, travel only on authorized cart paths, do not drive in parking lots, and practice defensive driving skills.

The Undergraduate Studies cart is for passengers only and is not to be used for hauling cargo.  If boxes must accompany passengers, they must be placed on the floor of the cart and not on the seats.

Requests made by students, in any capacity, will not be authorized.  All requests must come from CSUSB Administrators or Staff.

(Must have Defensive Driver's Permit)

By entering your name below, you are in agreement with the conditions stated above, and accept full responsibility for any damages made to the cart and or any campus driving violations made by your driver.