UGS Division Mission, Values and Goals

UGS Division Mission

To provide holistic academic services that promote equity, retention, graduation, and student success.

UGS Division Values

  • Student Success
  • Collaborative Community
  • Faculty/Staff Enrichment
  • Educational Equity 
  • Impactful Learning

2017-2018 UGS Division Goals

  • Complete UGS Strategic Planning Process
  • Develop GI 2025 benchmarks, timeline, and performance metrics
  • Develop program assessment protocols for each department/program
  • Establish a sustainable budget model
  • Develop an integrative UGS brand identify and marketing strategy
  • Expand EAB adoption in UGS and Academic Affairs
  • Develop Q2S advising plan
  • Develop an integrative advising model, that includes UGS, colleges, and campus partners
  • Develop undeclared and GE advising roadmaps
  • Review priority registration
  • Integrate and expand PAES/Honors Programs
  • Develop a UGS onboarding process for professional staff and paraprofessional students
  • Expand alumni connections and program advisory boards
  • Explore program and staff certifications
  • Enhance academic support services in SOAR and CFS
  • Develop an expanded first-year model, that leverages SOAR and CFS
  • Pilot a one-stop shop for select UGS departments

2018-2019 UGS Division Goals

  • Pilot a co-curricular first year experience 
  • Develop a passport program for each year of the student life cycle
  • Develop a one-stop shop for UGS student services
  • Administer an E-advising platform 
  • Implement a UGS paraprofessional training and development program
  • Implement comprehensive program assessment that ties to strategic objectives