Division Goals



  • Manage the division budget
  • Begin search for FT AVP/Dean for UGS;
  • Hire staff replacement positions (e.g., Testing & Tutoring: AAS, UGS Budget Analyst)
  • AAS work with Career Services for undeclared major students
  • Increase number of hours for tutorial services in colleges
  • Increase the recruitment and retention of EOP students
  • Plan & Implement CFS 2017
  • Relocate Math 75A, B, C to Math department September 2017


  • Begin Graduation Initiative 2025
  • Decrease the number of super seniors
  • Hire Academic Advising Assistant Director
  • Q2S advising implementation
  • Begin planning for the 2017 advisement conference at CSUSB
  • UGS office branding
  • Reinstall the UGS hall monitor
  • Increase Honors Program enrollment
  • Update UGS website
  • Maintain the PDC UGS satellite office.
  • Hire ASA Dean’s office
  • Promote EAB analytic functions for professional and faculty advisors to move students to the graduation finish line