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Travel Request Approval

Update to Travel Request Approval Instructions For All Campus Business Travel

In Concur, the Dean or VP are required in the Travel Request approval workflow for the following:

  • Travel with 3 or more consecutive nights of stay in California
  • Out of state travel.  

Please confirm the correct Dean or VP's name is showing in the exception field for the above 2 conditions.  If the field is blank, type an * for the names of approvers associated with the chart field string.  Click on the appropriate name.

*In Concur - an international trip type will route the approval email to the VP of your area.  Please confirm the correct VP's name is showing in the approval field.

PLEASE NOTE:  for the Travel Request, each field in the approval workflow MUST contain a name.  Concur will only send approval emails to the approvers needed by the information that is entered in the request.  If not needed the step will skip.

If you need further information regarding the correct approval workflow for your travel request, please contact your College or Division office.

If there are any questions on this process, please contact the Accounts Payable office in advance of your trip at x73158.