Not Anymore

What is "Not Anymore?"

“Not Anymore,” created by Student Success™, is a video-based sexual violence prevention program.
It is being offered to CSUSB students as ONE of the options to fulfill the mandatory End Sexual Violence Training, as required by state and federal mandates and Executive Order 1095, revised 6-23-2015 and Executive Order 1097, revised 10-5-2016, once per Academic Year, during FALL term.
Failure to complete the Training by January 24, 2019 will result in a Registration Hold for Spring 2019, or subsequent terms, until it's completed.
The "Not Anymore" program titles will vary each year, so look for the current academic year.

For additional questions, check our FAQs.

Watch our YouTube video below on HOW TO take the online training.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Login to your myCoyote account.
  • Click on “My Tasks” and then click “End Sexual Violence Training.”
  • You will be re-directed to Student Success for the Not Anymore program. Create an account using your Coyote ID and password.
  • Look under the section, "Incomplete Assignments", and look for the current academic year, as part of the title. Each year’s program title may change, such as “Rethinking Relationships,” so the academic year serves as a clear guide.
  • Follow the directions within the program.
  • You may complete the program in one sitting or more; pick up where you left off by re-entering each time, using the same link.
  • Upon completion of the program, navigate to the HOME page to obtain a Certificate of Completion, for your records.
  • Your completion information is given daily to CSUSB by an automated process.
  • After you’ve completed the training, you will not receive any more reminders and it will drop off your To Do List, when the system refreshes overnight.
  • If you do get reminders, please contact our office at

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