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How will students register for summer classes?
  1. Continuing CSUSB students will register for classes through myCoyote Self Service (similar to other semesters). Summer registration is May 4 –20. Enrollment appointments will be available on your myCoyote Student Center page in April.
  2. All summer visiting students (community college, non-CSUSB or non-degree students) will enroll and register for courses through the College of Extended and Global Education (CEGE). Students can register online or fill out a brief application and register for classes either in person or by fax at (909) 537-5907. A PDF application, along with instructions, is available on this Summer Session web page.
Can students transfer academic units completed during Summer Session 2020 into a degree program at CSUSB or another university?

If you are interested in transferring units into a degree program at CSUSB, a maximum of 24 units taken in a non-degree status can be applied toward a bachelor's degree, and 12 units toward a master's degree (subject to approval by the applicable academic department).

If you are a student enrolled in another college or university and you would like to transfer units completed during the Summer Session at CSUSB back to your home institution, please contact the Registrar's Office at your home institution and follow their process to receive transfer credit. It is recommended that students confirm in advance with their home institution the eligibility to have specific CSUSB course units accepted in transfer to satisfy their home institution's degree requirements. The student is responsible for completing any requirements outlined by the home institution to transfer credit back to the institution.

Can students be admitted to an academic program during the Summer Session 2020?

Students are not admitted to academic programs during the summer. If you are interested in admission to a degree or credential program at CSUSB, please contact the Admissions and Student Recruitment; however, please keep in mind that you can still take courses as a summer visiting student even if you have not been admitted into a degree program.

Are students eligible to take courses as summer visiting students even if they have been disqualified from the university or stopped taking classes?

Yes, disqualified students can enroll in courses as a summer visiting student. The grades earned during summer 2020 may help raise their grade point average.

Which courses listed in the Summer 2020 Class Schedule are open to summer visiting students?

Most courses published in the class schedule are open to summer visiting students; however, students must have completed any necessary prerequisites. Please consult the Bulletin of Courses 2019-2020 for more information on prerequisites.

Is there a limit to the number of units a student may take during summer session?

During the summer session, only 9 maximum units are allowed for the term, for both undergraduates and graduates. For instructions on how to enroll for a course overload, go to the Records, Registration and Evaluations site.

Are CSUSB employees eligible for a discount on tuition fees?

Yes, CSUSB employees will be eligible to receive free tuition for one course up to 6 units. They must still pay the mandatory campus fee. Employee discount may be transferred to an eligible dependent, child, spouse or domestic partner. Employees/dependents must be matriculated students in a degree program at CSUSB in order to receive the discount.

This discount does not apply to students enrolled in a Doctoral Program, Summer Language Intensive Program or a Special Session Program.

To determine if you (or your dependent) is eligible for the summer employee discount, please complete the preliminary application.

Are fee waivers available for Summer Session?

Yes, tuition waivers are available for summer for the following categories listed below:

  • Alan Pattee - undergraduate students only
  • Calvet Veterans Services College Fee Waiver
  • Dependents of Victims of September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks - undergraduate students only CSU Student Trustee

Please visit the Student Accounts website for more information.

How will students pay their fees for classes?
  1. Current matriculated CSUSB students will pay fees through the same process as other semesters. Please see the Student Accounts website for more details on the payment process. Students are responsible for paying their fees by the deadlines indicated in MyCoyote Self Service.
  2. Non-matriculated/Visiting students will be required to pay fees for classes at the time of registration. Students can pay for classes in person in the Center for Global Innovation, third floor or by phone at (909) 537-5975. Payments can be made by phone with a credit card or in person with personal check, cash or credit card. Registration for a class will not be accepted without payment.
Will financial aid be available for students taking summer classes?
  1. Financial aid will be available for eligible current CSUSB students as well as those eligible and admitted into a degree program for fall 2020. Instructions on how to apply for aid and specific eligibility requirements will be posted on the Financial Aid & Scholarships web page.
  2. Under certain circumstance, financial aid may be available for summer visiting students. Instructions on how to apply for aid and specific eligibility requirements will be posted on the Financial Aid & Scholarships Summer web page.

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