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SSI Graduate Student Culminating Project Fund

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The Student Success Initiative (SSI) fees were put in place at CSUSB in June 2011 under the Chancellor's Office and are additionally governed by Executive Order 1102 and a CSU Board of Trustees resolution. The fees, which are assessed in three overarching categories—Student Success, Graduation, and Career Placement—are intended to improve advising and retention services, increase student development opportunities, expand access to critical technologies, and enhance career services. The fees provide support to the SSI Graduate Culminating Grant award. 

Award Details

This program is designed for graduate students completing a thesis, project, or dissertation. Funds from the SSI Culminating Project Fund, if awarded, must be used to support recipients’ thesis, project, or dissertation research or professional development activities.  

The initiative’s goals are: 1) to stimulate research and creative activities among graduate students; 2) to contribute to students’ academic and/or professional development; 3) to foster problem-solving and problem-framing skills, synthesis skills, and creative skills; 4) to provide financial support to graduate students engaging in research and creative activities, and 5) to contribute to CSUSB’s reputation as a research and innovative institution.

The maximum amount of $2000 may be awarded to the grant recipient. One award per year per student.


To be eligible for funding, students must:

  1. Be enrolled in a graduate program at CSUSB.
  2. Be in good academic standing (e.g. cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher).
  3. Students applying for an SSI Graduate Student Culminating Project Fund can apply for other funding, however, students should NOT apply if they plan to graduate before Spring 2023.
  4. All projects involving human subjects and/or vertebrate animals must submit proof of Institutional Review Board and/or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval as part of the application and/or prior to the release of funds.

Submission Guidelines

The following submission guidelines should be followed:

  1. Applications are due by October 30th, 2022, by 11:59 PM.
  2. Application and proposal submission must be submitted online through InfoReady.
    • Please select the grant to which you are applying,
    • Log in with your MyCoyote ID,
    • Complete application
  3. The research proposal should be no longer than six pages. This includes the cover letter, narrative, and budget. 
  4. All supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of the application submission.
  5. The proposal budget should not exceed $2000.
  6. If you have received an OSR grant before, please be aware that preference will be given to new applicants, unless funding permits for additional awardees.


Application Opens: August 22nd, 2022

Application Closes: October 30th, 2022


SSI Graduate Culminating Application Guidelines

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