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Implementation and Evaluation of Legal Reforms in the Criminal Justice System

Department: Criminal Justice

Faculty Member: Reveka Shteynberg

Topic or Area of Interest: Implementation and Evaluation of Legal Reforms in the Criminal Justice System

Description: My research primarily examines how citizens and criminal justice actors navigate the legal system, particularly when new policies and practices are adopted. Current studies include examinations of reforms revolving around bail and pretrial detention, plea bargaining and adjudication, provision of indigent/public defense, and drug court. I also have a project examining sexual assault policies on college campuses.

Looking for Research Assistant: Yes

Earliest Graduation Date:

Latest Graduation Date:

Role of Student: The role may vary depending on the student's interests, skills, level of curiosity, time commitment, and available projects. Tasks vary term-to-term, but often include a combination of working with data (e.g., data entry, coding, transcription, analysis), legal research, and historical and media content analysis. This involves hands-on police-relevant research where students learn skills and gain experiences that they otherwise may not encounter in most classes or internships.

Opportunity Type: Research Assistant

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Eligibility Requirements: Overall GPA

Required GPA: 3.3

Qualifications: Desired qualifications: Successfully completed or currently enrolled in one or more Research Methods courses (preferably a course(s) within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences). Not necessary to be within the CJ department, but it is highly preferred if the student has successfully completed at least one of the following courses: Introduction to the Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, and Theories of Crime and Delinquency, Law and Courts. Students should be interested in engaging in policy-relevant research, curious, detail-oriented, dedicated, hardworking, and (most importantly) self-motivated.

Students can be of any level, though typically I work with Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students; however, I have worked with a number of promising Freshmen and Sophomores who demonstrate a capacity for this level of responsibility. Students I have supervised have gone on to use their learned skills and experiences to obtain jobs in different capacities within the legal system (FBI, State Trooper, Police Officer, Correctional Facility Counselor, Social Work, Research Analysts for a variety of Think Tanks & Nonprofits, State Assembly, etc.) and/or successfully pursue graduate school if desired (M.A./M.S., Law School, and Doctoral Studies in a variety of fields).

How to Apply: Complete an application and email it to Professor Shteynberg: