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Wadi el-Hudi Expedition to Egypt

Department: History

Faculty Member: Kate Liszka

Topic or Area of Interest: ancient Egypt, archaeology, mining, geology, mapping, jewelry, labor organization, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Nubia, History

Description: I run an archaeological expedition to Egypt at Wadi el-Hudi. This is an area of Ancient amethyst and gold mining. Next to the giant mines, there are settlements for the laborers, areas connected to the mining process, areas where police watched over their work, and nearly 280 inscriptions carved onto the rocks about this mining practice. I am always seeking students to help process archaeological material at CSUSB, especially those with special skills in ArcGIS, Agisoft Photoscan, Microsoft Access Database creation, Video Editing, Website creation, knowledge of geology, 3D modelling, knowledge of hieroglyphs, or more. There are also plenty of tasks for students who do not have those special skills but are meticulous, hardworking, and self motivated.

Looking for Research Assistant: Yes

Funding Type: Federal Workstudy

Earliest Graduation Date:

Role of Student: Dr. Kate Liszka is looking for assistance organizing and processing archaeological data.
Duties would vary, but include:
Inputting data into a database
Transcribing notebooks
Digitizing archaeological plans
Helping to prep photographs for the making of 3D models
Organizing and tagging photos
Geo-tagging photos and more.

Students need to be thoughtful, meticulous, and adept with adept with detail oriented nuances. If you have knowledge of programs like Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Access, or Agisoft photoscan, that is preferable, but not required.

Opportunity Type: Volunteer

Hourly Rate: $13/hour

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Eligibility Requirements: Overall GPA

Required GPA: 3.5

Qualifications: Students must be highly motivated and able to work on their own. Students must be meticulous and hardworking.

How to Apply: Submit applicaton onto Handshake at: Students must check with financial aid to see if they qualify for Federal Workstudy (FWS) before applying. Mandatory FWS training will be required.