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Gabby Vazquez

Gabby Vazquez

My name is Gabriela Vazquez (but I prefer to go by Gaby) and I will be graduating in the Spring. My pronouns are she/they and I am a general psychology major, but I’m pursuing a clinical based career. As a first generation student I hope to not only inspire my siblings but other students! Thanks to the opportunities offered on campus I have found that my passion is to help guide others through what would seem intimidating.

What are you looking forward to for the 23/24 academic school year?

  • As this is my senior year, I want to say that I am incredibly excited to be more involved on campus. Additionally, I am eager to be taking more upper division psychology courses because I found the past two semesters to be incredibly interesting while broadening my knowledge.

List 2-3 interesting facts about you.

  • As college students it's safe to say that we experience a lot of stress, and thankfully (after a few years of practice and lots of really hard cookies) I have become a great stress baker. Since my family also has a sweet tooth I am able to bake in huge batches whenever finals and midterms are on the horizon!