Peer Research Consultant

The mission of the Peer Research Consultant program (PRC) is to contribute to building a community of scholars that foster innovation and develop a sense of purpose and achievement. PRC are upper division undergraduate students or graduate students who assist instructors in turning course assignments into research projects. The PRC supports students as they implement, design, analyze, and disseminate the results of their projects. Specifically, the PRC assists with framing questions appropriate for the discipline, implementing and conducting class investigations, and reporting findings in writing and orally to the class and a broader audience. This program targets all courses.

Now Accepting Applications for Summer Courses for 2019! 


  • Fall Deadline for winter 2019: November 2nd, 2019
  • Winter Deadline for Spring 2019: February 8th, 2019
  • Spring Deadline for summer 2019: April 20th, 2019

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"Words cannot express how beneficial this program has been to us over here in the music department"

– Allen Menton

Below is a list of classes participating in the Peer Research Consultant program for spring term; register for these courses to receive additional assistance outside of the classroom. Lab session times will be available within the next week.

Winter 2019 Courses

Peer Leaders
Guadalupe Hernandez

Course:  KINE 480-1

Clinton Baptiste

Course:  SOC 590
Social Determinants of Health Disparities (Seminar)

Cindy Mahoney

Course: HSCI 315
Statistics for Health Science

Lisbeth Rosales

Course: SPAN 402
Advanced Composition

Arash Tahmasbi

Course: BIOL 400
Molecular Biology