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The Wellness Channel

The Wellness Channel

To support the physical and mental health of CSUSB students as well as students from San Francisco State University, during the Fall, 2020 semester the Student Health Center's Department of Health Promotion will again offer the weekly workshops "Time to De-Stress" and "Love Lab."  Below is the schedule for both programs.

For questions or assistance please contact Albert Angelo, Senior Health Educator, at


Time to De-Stress   12-1 pm

September 3:  Defining Stress

September 10:  Note:  Today's workshop has been canceled      

September 17:  Developing Healthy Perceptions to Reduce Stress     

September 24:  Better Time Management to Reduce Stress

October 1:  Creating Healthy Boundaries to Reduce Stress

October 8:  Learning Stress Reducing Test Taking Skills

October 15:  Reducing Stress through Organization

October 22:  Stress and the First-Generation College Student

October 29:  Combatting Procrastination

November 5:  Reducing Online Stress

November 12:  Financial De-Stress

November 19: WORKSHOP CANCELED FOR TODAY - We apologize for the inconvenience.

December 3:  Stress and Transitions

Zoom:    Passcode:  "Coyote"       

This program provides tools for managing and eliminating stress in this climate of change.  Live interactive feedback will provide answers to questions around managing stress.                                                                       

Love Lab

September 1:  What is Love?

September 15:  Practical Tips for Healthy Dating

September 22:  Relationship Red Flags and Green Flags

September 29:  Birth Control 101

October 6:  Building Intimacy in Relationships

October 13:  Developing Skills for Better Communication

October 27:  Dealing with Jealousy in Relationships

November 3:  When a Partner Cheats:  How to Cope and How to Move Forward

November 10:  Tips for Coming Out and Being Proud

November 17:  WORKSHOP CANCELED FOR TODAY - We apologize for the inconvenience.

November 24:  Addiction and Co-Dependency in Relationships

Dec 1:  PREP 101 and HIV/AIDS 101

Zoom:   Passcode:  "Coyote"

Each presentation will cover a human sexuality-related  topic such as building and maintaining healthy relationships, enhancing communication skills with a partner, or best practices when dating.  Because this is a live program, students can ask questions via chat and/or send questions prior to the program to to hear them answered during the presentation.

Presentation Assessment

CSUSB  students and SF State Students:  visit this link to complete the presentation assessment form and receive attendance credit from participating faculty.


If you need a disability-related accommodation to participate in any of the scheduled programs, please contact Albert Angelo at least three business days in advance of the scheduled program at


Non-Credit Peer Health Education Presentations:

The peer health educators from the Student Health Center have created informative and fun health and wellness videos and are available on  instagram at @csusb_pdc_phe  or @csusb_phe or this YouTube link.  Viewing the videos do not count for extra credit/class credit.  For more information, contact Albert Angelo, Senior Health Educator, at