Health Promotion Appointments


Individual health promotion and disease prevention education appointments are available to help students learn important and contemporary health issues. Students can meet individually and confidentially with a health educator to learn how to:


  • Quit smoking and stay quit.
  • Identify sexually transmitted infections and prevent exposure and infection.
  • Develop skills to reduce stress, text anxiety, and procrastination.
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships and receive feedback regarding relationship questions/concerns.
  • Comprehend health insurance terminology and how to compare health insurance plans.
  • Identify and prevent alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Recognize addiction and codependency issues in oneself and others.
  • Prevent infection from the cold and flu, practice self-care strategies when sick, and prevent transmission to others.
  • Identify contraceptive options and compare their effectiveness at preventing pregnancy.
  • Understand many other contemporary health issues.


For more information and/or to schedule an appointment, contact Albert Angelo, Senior Health Educator, at