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How do I get a parking permit and how much does it cost for the quarter and year? Where can I park on campus? Are there any carpool services available to me?

To purchase a parking permit, visit Parking and Transportation Services. Quarter permits are $114, yearly permits are $342. Both are valid in any of the general parking lots on campus. Carpooling is available via Commuter Portal.

Can I ride the SBX or Omnitrans buses for free? I want to ride Omnitrans buses to commute to school, but where would I leave my car if I commute from out of town?

Your Coyote One card allows your to ride SBX and Omnitrans buses for free! Riding with Omnitrans Park and Ride Lots, you can park your car and ride the SBX or even the Omnitrans buses for free with a swipe of your Coyote One card. With 24/7 security at all Park and Ride Lots to ensure safety of your possessions.

Is there a carpool community page where I can connect with other students in my area to carpool?

CSUSB Transportation Services can help you get started with their exclusive Commuter Portal. They offer free exclusive CSUSB carpool matching, vanpool coordination, additional transportation information, a Guaranteed Ride Home program, incentives and much more!

I have children, are there any daycare services available?

Daycare is available for children 6-36 months at the Infant/Toddler Lab School. Daycare is also available for children 2 years 9 months and over at the Children’s Center. The rates and information on how to sign up can be found on the corresponding webpage. 

Where can I find out about campus policies for students that don’t live on campus?

All current campus policies may be viewed at

I don’t have time between work and class to go off campus for food, is there anything on campus that offers reduced or free food? Where can I get food on campus or heat up my own food?

The Obershaw DEN serves to assist students in need of food assistance and security. Visit the DEN in Faculty Office Building, Room 237. Hours change quarterly, contact for details 909-537-3663. You may also visit for more details. The Student Union has microwaves that can be used to heat up food. You can visit Coyote Commons Dining Hall or the Student Union Food Court for on campus dining options