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Club & Organization Banking

Office of Student Engagement (OSE)  along with the Finance and Administrative Coordinator (FAC) facilitate all financial transactions for University Clubs and work with student leaders, campus administrators, and business vendors to expedite the approval of payments, refunds, advances or withdrawals from University Club accounts. Below you will find instructions on how to conduct financial business for your University Club including setting up the account, making deposits, and a variety of ways to access your club's funds; based on the university's required accounting procedures and the type of activity, event, or financial transaction necessary to complete the request.

Setting up an On-Campus Bank Account

  1. Be a current chartered Student Club or Organization through Office of Student Engagement (OSE)
  2. President, Vice President and Treasurer must complete annual training (see details below)
  3. Student Organization President will be asked to provide account information requested in the Charter Registration on Coyote Connection
  4. As authorized signators the University Club Officers must sign Trust fund Fact Sheet (TFFS) 
  5. OSE will route the TFFS form for University Club Officers and campus signatures via Adobe Sign
  6. For new organizations; the Trust Fund # will be provided to OSE, FAC, and University Club Officers
  7. The Trust Fund is your bank account and this number will be used on the following forms:
    1. University Club Cash Deposit Form
    2. University Club Financial Transaction Request Form
    3. University Club Itemized Expense Report

All recognized CSUSB student organizations, with the exception of those granted exemption, must have a financial account with the university. University policy requires that student organizations deposit all funds in their CSUSB bank account. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the integrity of the funds from year to year.

Financial statements, donations, and all check and purchase order requests are processed by the FAC.

Clubs are not permitted to have off-campus bank accounts. Clubs found to have off-campus bank accounts are subject to disciplinary action. Requests for checks or transfers to any club account held off-campus will not be processed.

To be considered for on-campus banking exemptions, your organization must meet the following criteria and process an exemption request:

  • Maintain official affiliation with a national organization
  • Members must pay quarterly or annual dues that partially go to their national organization
  • Be incorporated as a non-profit – Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)
  • Must have filed IRS form 990 with Internal Revenue Service to maintain 501(c) in previous fiscal year
  • Copies of the aforementioned documentation must be submitted with the Exemption Form to OSE
  • Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that groups filing for exemption have insurance provided by the national organization to its affiliated chapters.
  • Submit a University Club on Campus Banking Exemption Form

On Campus Banking Forms and Documents:

Annually Required On Campus Banking Training 2021-2022

For any questions about the Club Banking program please contact us at