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DSA Student Ambassadors Support VPSA Office and Educate Yotes About Campus Resources

DSA Student Ambassadors Support VPSA Office and Educate Yotes About Campus Resources

DSA Student Ambassador

DSA Student Ambassador


CSUSB student ambassador


The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Student Ambassadors program launched in the fall of 2022 with a total of six DSA Student Ambassadors whose role is to welcome individuals to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA), respond to student inquiries, and support the work of the VPSA Office staff. While much of the fall 2022 semester was spent in trainings and educational sessions about the programs and services available to serve and support students in the Division of Student Affairs, the DSA Student Ambassadors were much more active in their efforts to engage with and support students during spring 2023. They helped with major DSA student outreach and awareness programs like the DSA Road Show and Tea with the VP, which take place multiple times throughout the year at both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campuses. These programs give the DSA Student Ambassadors an opportunity to educate their peers about how to get engaged on campus and facilitate student learning about the many programs and services available through the DSA and elsewhere across campus. 

Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Paz Maya Olivérez stated, “Our aim is for the DSA Student Ambassadors to be the face of the Division of Student Affairs. We want them to be the first point of contact for students when they call, email, or visit our office and we hope that they can serve as a resource for their peers while providing their own student-focused programs to celebrate and engage their peers both in-person and on social media. We are excited to finally launch the DSA Student Ambassadors now that the VPSA Office has moved to a new location in the SMSU South. We hope that by being more visible and centrally located, students will be more likely to visit our office to ask questions and seek support from the VPSA and Dean of Students, when needed.” 

This spring, the DSA Student Ambassadors planned and delivered their first student-facing program for National Student Employee Appreciation Week. They held daily events throughout the week to celebrate their fellow CSUSB student employees. Programming included tabling outside the VPSA Office where CSUSB student employees were invited to pick-up a “thank you gift” after successfully responding to a CSUSB-related trivia question and complete “Shout Out Cards” to recognize fellow student employees. Together, the VPSA Office and DSA Student Ambassadors also invited student employees to a “Grab & Go Brunch” where refreshments and giveaways were provided, as well as a photo opportunity with Cody the Coyote. More than 300 student employees participated in the weeklong series of events and many received stickers, backpacks, and other items to identify them as CSUSB Student Professionals. 

The DSA Student Ambassadors provide the student voice and perspective to the VPSA Office and work with the staff to uphold the campus’ and division’s mission. DSA Student Ambassador Rhabecca Graff graduated this spring with a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Literature. She serves as Lead DSA Student Ambassador, and the hands-on experience Rhabecca has gained in this role has helped prepare her for her career as a high school English teacher.  

In her role, Rhabecca helps train the student ambassadors, build their confidence, and empowers them to take initiative. Some of her responsibilities include helping with event planning and programming, answering phones, and working with the marketing team. 

“I love sharing the knowledge and passing along what I have learned along my path,” said Rhabecca. “There’s a lot of connection, collaboration, and providing support. That’s a big thing for me, too, is being able to help.” 

Jesus Ramirez-Castillo, a Liberal Studies major, completed his first year at CSUSB in spring. As a student ambassador, he enjoys planning events, working with his peers, and learning about the campus resources and sharing the information with students.  

“This brought me a sense of community toward the campus,” said Jesus about working as DSA Student Ambassador. "I have learned a lot about campus resources and events." 

Stay connected and follow the DSA Student Ambassadors on Instagram @csusb_dsa_ambassadors.

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