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Children’s Center and Infant/Toddler Lab School Provide Child Care Services to CSUSB Parents

Children’s Center and Infant/Toddler Lab School Provide Child Care Services to CSUSB Parents

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Deanna Brown

The Children's Center's and Infant/Toddler Lab School enables parents of young children to attend CSUSB by providing a preschool program and child care in a nurturing environment that supports children. Services are available for CSUSB students, staff, faculty, and community as space permits.  

"Our centers provide more for students than just child care and offer parents an opportunity to become involved in a campus community with other student parents while supporting their child's early learning experiences," said Deanna Brown, Director of the Children’s Center and Infant/Toddler Lab School.  

The Children’s Center is open during the academic year and summer session for children ages 3-5. It provides a school-age program that runs only during the summer term and serves children from the ages of 6-12.  

The Infant/Toddler Lab School consists of three classrooms and serves children ages 3-36 months. The infants and toddlers have an outdoor classroom that is used daily, and the campus community may see the children on their daily walks in buggies around CSUSB.  

As is typical of laboratory schools, the Infant/Toddler Lab School serves three basic functions to the CSUSB and local communities: teaching, research, and service.  

  1. Research 
    Facilitates research endeavors designed to learn more about various topics, ranging from how children should best be educated to family and parenting issues. 
  2. Teaching  
    Serves as both an educational facility for young children and provides CSUSB undergraduate and graduate students training in child development and early childhood education.   
  3. Service  
    Provides service to the community in the form of child care and to the early childhood professional community in the form of training, educational presentations, and membership on advisory boards.  

"Our centers are proud of the services we are able to provide for campus students, whether it be providing child care for their children or through practicum experiences,” said Deanna. 

Student parents who receive the Pell grant qualify for funding from CSUSB's CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in Schools) grant for the Children's Center and Infant/Toddler Lab School. Income eligible student parents also qualify for state subsidized child care at the Children's Center.

Additional Information regarding fees and availability may be obtained on the Children's Center and Infant/Toddler Lab School websites. 

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