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Office of Student Engagement Expands Services and Changes Name

Office of Student Engagement Expands Services and Changes Name





The Office of Student Engagement officially changed its name on Aug. 22 to better reflect its new charge and expanding services.

“Education is ever-changing and continues to create the need to address evolving trends in higher education,” said Jackie Varela, Director of Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. “One of the ways that a university department addresses their shift in services and support is by changing their name and refining the charge of their work.”

She added, “To better reflect a renewed focus on leadership development and expand the reach of our department, the Office of Student Engagement has changed its name to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE)."

OSLE is the one-stop shop for student engagement and involvement at CSUSB. The department helps students get involved on campus by providing social and co-curricular opportunities throughout the year.

The department advises over 100 student clubs and organizations at the university. Depending on a student’s interest, they can choose from a variety of clubs that are academic, cultural, faith-based, service, and special interest organizations.

The addition of “leadership” in the name provides the CSUSB community and guests with a clearer understanding of the programs and services the department provides. It also enhances the department’s reach with students because it highlights that the space is dedicated to all students’ leadership development, not just for specific groups or communities.

“We recently opened the Leadership Lab in [the Santos Manuel Student Union North] and this name change will allow for more cohesion between the spaces we oversee,” said Jackie. “This name change allows our department to tell our story better through assessment as leadership development will now be the foundation of that story.”

The new name is also in alignment with other similar departments in the California State University system. Benchmarking determined that most included a combination of leadership and involvement/engagement in their department name.

OSLE will be hosting a Leadership Series in the spring that will feature keynote speakers, workshops, and the leadership program called Catalyst, which will allow students to learn from other leaders and explore their leadership journey regardless of where they are at. For more information, email Marissa Zuniga, who will be leading the effort, at

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