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Health Educator Engages Students for Over 20 Years

Health Educator Engages Students for Over 20 Years

Albert Angelo

Meet Albert Angelo! He is the Senior Health Educator at CSUSB, leading the programs and activities of the Student Health Center's Department of Health Promotion. Since joining the Coyote family in 2012, Angelo has had the opportunity to work at both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses.

Last quarter, his team held more than 50 events, and that has not slowed down since going virtual. Students can choose between live or pre-recorded workshops and events on a variety of topics, including stress management, healthy relationships, nutrition, fitness, and mental health. 

The Department of Health Promotion gets their largest turnout at the live events, which are open to all CSU students. CSUSB faculty help promote their events to students by offering incentives, such as extra credit. This effort is also done by a faculty member at San Francisco State University, where Angelo worked for 19 years. This collaborative effort has resulted in 787 students attending their live workshops between April and August, with at least 250 of those students from San Francisco State University. 

Angelo has worked in higher education for 27 years. For Angelo, a highlight of his current role is working with students and seeing their goals come to fruition. "What i love about the job is working together to try to keep [students] here growing, learning, and succeeding," said Angelo, "... watching them graduate and watching how their lives are actually moving in a really great direction for them; that's the most rewarding."

Follow the Student Health Center's Health Promotion team on Instagram @CSUSB_phe to find out about upcoming events and workshops. Call 909-537-5241 for more information about the department or click the link below. 

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