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STEM Center Syllabus for 2021-22


The STEM Center is a Department of Education grant-funded project whose mission is to increase retention and graduation for students pursuing STEM fields while providing the proper resources and tools for student success at CSUSB and beyond. Our goal is to empower and boost student self-efficacy through a holistic and proactive advising model.

Learning Objectives

To develop into a self-directed learner who is broadly engaged in your own education, and sharpen your abilities to:

  1. Understand your learning style, talents, interests and values by completing career/personality assessments.
  2. Plan academic/career goals and a myCAP to prepare for the Individual Development Plan (IDP) that allows you to set and achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals.
  3. Use university communications/systems and familiarize yourself with university policies.
  4. Familiarize yourself with tools offered by various on-campus and off-campus resources.
Learning Outcomes
  1. Becoming self-aware and identify your learning style, talents, interests, and values upon completing career/personality assessments.
  2. Continuously work towards meeting your goals during your time at CSUSB.
  3. Understand university policies and utilize university communications/systems.
  4. Identify and utilize tools/resources offered on-campus and off-campus.
Student's Role
  1. To define and reflect on your values, personality traits, strengths, priorities and challenges.
  2. To set obtainable short-term and long-term educational/career goals.
  3. To develop/evaluate an educational plan that will optimize your learning abilities, skills, interest, future goals, and overall knowledge of self.
  4. To become knowledgeable of courses that are needed to complete your degree program as well as when to enroll for the appropriate classes.
  5. To get a better understanding of campus policies and procedures, resources and programs at CSUSB.
  6. To learn about some high impact practices like undergraduate research experience, study abroad, internships, leadership and service learning.
  7. Check student email daily for important deadlines, career/academic opportunities, events, and more.
Counselor's Role
  1. To assist you in understanding your skills and interests.
  2. To assist you in considering your goals by relating your interests and skills to careers and professional/graduate programs.
  3. To assist you with developing an academic roadmap/plan.
  4. To provide resources that will assist you throughout your time at CSUSB.
  5. To refer you to resources, support services, departments and programs.
  6. To provide accurate information regarding policies and procedures at CSUSB.
  7. To continuously assist you in evaluating your progress toward your academic plans and goals.
  8. To help you plan for high impact activities in the future that benefit your career and professional/graduate programs.
For Our Meetings
  1. Prepare to discuss your thoughts and ideas regarding your major(s)/program, curriculum, extracurricular activities, service activities and anything else relevant to your success.
  2. Prepare questions related to your educational plan, career plan, or personal growth.
  3. The counselor’s role is to assist you to develop skills and tools for you to be an independent, successful, responsible, and engaged student and member of our community.
  4. If you would like to request any accommodations for future events/appointments/etc., please let your advisor know 48 hours in advance.
Plan to Meet

Students are required to meet at least twice per semester or a registration hold will be placed on your account.

Fall Semester

  1. During the Summer attend new student orientation (if applicable) and/or verify your Fall semester schedule, resources, and set goals.
  2. To receive career assessment and review results.
  3. During September to review mid-semester grades, and progress towards goals.
  4. During October through December to prepare to register for Spring and/or Winter courses.

Spring Semester

  1. During February to check-in and review goals.
  2. During March to review mid-semester grades and progress towards goals.
  3. During April through May to prepare to register for Fall and/or Summer term.
  4. Contact your counselor anytime you want to talk or have questions.
Workshops and Events

Students are required to attend at least one STEM workshop/event per semester. Encourage you to benefit from these workshops.

Please check our Events and Services page for upcoming events and workshops as well as past recordings.

As your Academic Advisor, I am here to assist you with your transition to university life. This is YOUR education and YOU are ultimately responsible for your own SUCCESS. With this in mind, your success is important to me and I am here to help you.