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Faculty Guidelines

Faculty Training

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SSD's faculty training covers the latest information for faculty who work with students with disabilities.  In just 18-minutes, faculty will view important laws that govern disability services such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Sections 504 and 508, and California State University Executive Order 1111, the process by which students enroll in SSD services (e.g., application through intake), faculty rights and responsibilities, recommendations for the course syllabus, temporary accommodations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, confidentiality requirements, student grades, accommodations in the classroom setting, reasonable accommodations, the faculty notification letter, Instructor Testing Agreement, students’ rights and responsibilities, and student conduct in the classroom. 

Faculty Guidelines

Services to Students with Disabilities offers a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities. The Faculty Guidelines are designed to help faculty members understand the accommodations provided and their role implementing them in their courses. Inside, you will find valuable information, including relevant legislation (i.e., ADA, EO 1111), expectations in higher education, SSD's AIM platform, descriptions of accommodations, including policies and procedures for accommodations, accommodation considerations outside the classroom, universal design, and samples of the Faculty Notification Letter and unique accommodation forms. This can all be found in the Faculty Guidelines 2022.

We encourage faculty to contact SSD with questions or concerns about accommodations. Please reach out to us at or through our director, Marci Daniels at 909-537-5238 or 

Faculty Guidelines 2022