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California State University, San Bernardino is nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains and is located approximately:

  • 65 miles southeast of Los Angeles
  • 40 miles east of Anaheim
  • 115 miles north of San Diego

CSUSB was established in 1965 and has grown from approximately 300 students to over 18,000. The Coussoulis Arena opened on Sept. 22, 1995, after two years of construction. The arena is part of a $25 million Health and Physical Education facility with a seating capacity of 4,141 (excluding floor seats.)

General Information

The Coussoulis Arena's primary goal is to serve the campus and community by providing quality entertainment and sporting events that will assist with on-campus student recruitment, retention, and fundraising. The primary users of the facility include physical education classes, Coyote athletic teams and the Recreational Sports programs. Because of the heavy use of the facility during the regular week, it is most often available on the weekends or during school breaks for special events.

Arena management strives to develop flexible programming that will suit the needs of the market and that are appropriate to the facilities' capabilities. Approximately 8-12 major events are scheduled each year as time permits. School usually begins mid- to late-September and concludes by the middle of June. School breaks are taken during the latter half of December and the last week in March. Classes at Cal State San Bernardino are on a 10-week quarter system, with summer session classes being fairly quiet. It is possible to schedule an event on a weeknight; however, production requirements must be a minimal as load-in cannot generally occur until after 2 p.m. or 8 p.m. if there are team practices.

The Building

The physical layout and floor plans for the Coussoulis Arena are very flexible depending upon how the show is configured. The usable floor space is 29,441 square feet (net square footage).

Permanent Seating

  • Theater Style (South): 978 (Sections A-E)
  • West Bleachers: 558 (Sections F-H)
  • North Bleachers: 984 (Sections I-M)
  • East Bleachers: 558 (Sections N-P)
  • South Balcony:S527 (Sections Q-U)
  • North Balcony: 487 (Sections V-Z)
  • Handicapped Seating: 49
  • Total Permanent Seating: 4,141


The arena has a maple wood floor suitable for athletic events and a Covermaster floor covering for concerts and special events.

Production Capabilities

There is no overhead grid, however, rigging has been accomplished (approximately 500 lbs per point) on a show-by-show basis. The highest point from the floor to the ceiling is 63 feet. From the floor to the lowest point of the sloped ceiling is 42 feet and from the floor to the scoreboard it 32 feet. It is preferable that all lighting and technical equipment utilize ground support. The arena typically uses Thomas Truss and Genie Lifts to create theatrical lighting effects. The floor can accommodate a stage of up to 40 feet wide x 40 feet deep x 3.5 feet high in a concert style setting. The arena equipment is all portable including the sound, staging and lighting. There are two 50 amps, 3-phase circuits located in three of four corners of the arena.


Depending upon the configuration of the floor, trucks can unload at a (9-feet, 2 inches high x 9 feet, 10 inches wide) rolling gate located at the northwest corner of the arena, or equipment can be dropped off at the northeast or southeast corners of the building through the normal doors (7 feet high  x 5 feet, 8 inches wide.) The clearance for the roll up gate is 8 feet, 10 inches due to inset sprinklers. There is no loading dock.

Additional Facilities

A V.I.P./Founders Room is located in the main lobby that is suitable for hosting meet and greets, press interviews or for providing reception service for a pre- or post-event function. Catered meals can be served, and the room accommodates approximately 40 people seated for dinner and up to 300 if the lobby is utilized in conjunction with the V.I.P. space. The room dimensions are 29 feet, 5.5 inches long x 26 feet, 9 inches wide. The ceiling is 9 feet, 8 inches high.

The locker rooms serve as dressing rooms and are located in the basement with direct access to the arena floor. There are two men's team locker rooms and two women's team locker rooms. There is also a women's faculty locker room and a men's faculty locker room; both have private restroom facilities and can be used as star dressing rooms or referee rooms.\


Personnel are provided for all operational aspects of an event including: ticket-selling, ticket-taking, ushering and custodial staff. Set-up personnel (unskilled labor) and game management for sporting events can also be provided. The arena is a non-union building and student employees are used for nearly all functions. Security is provided by the campus’s University Police and by an outside professional security service (Staffing Professionals), which has been approved by the campus’s University Police.


Parking encompasses three primary lots that are within a 3-10 minute walk of the facility. Lot G (443 spaces), Lot E (590 spaces) and Lot F (244 spaces) and the East Parking Structure.  Parking attendants are hired for events and controlled by the campus Parking Services. All vehicles entering the campus are charged if they do not display a CSUSB parking permit. Higher fees are charged for special events. Parking is crowded during the day when classes are in session but plenty of parking is typically available on weekends. There is availability for 3 vehicles to park behind the arena and 5 vehicles to park directly in front of the arena for special events.

Event Ticket Service

The Coussoulis Arena sells tickets from the management office prior to the event in room HP-121. The arena box office is open for sales the day of the event. The Coussoulis Arena box office generally charges a service fee of $2 per ticket. The arena also has an on-going agreement with TicketMaster on an event-by-event basis. TicketMaster provides weekly updates on sales and releases the revenues approximately 10 business days after the event has taken place. MasterCard, Visa and cash are accepted.


A ticket office is available with three outside windows and one inside window for “will call” and complimentary tickets. Trained students and staff serve as ticket sellers, ticket takers, ushers and floor managers.


Coussoulis Arena handles all concessions and catering issues. The available concession items include the usual: beverages (Coca-Cola products), hot dogs, chips, pretzels, candy and popcorn. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the arena.

Further Information

Thank you for your interest in the Coussoulis Arena.

For further information contact the Coussoulis Arena:

      Cal State San Bernardino, Coussoulis Arena, HP-121, 
      5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407
      Phone: (909) 537-7360
      Fax: (909) 537-7162Email: