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Appointment Expectation

What to expect during an Appointment

Fall 2020- New Procedures Due to COVID-19

All consultations will be conducted via Zoom or GoReact. To make an appointment, click on the "Schedule a Reservation" link in the "Contact Us" box. Once you have made a reservation, you will receive an email confirmation with a zoom link for your appointment. Please make sure to take note of who your appointment is with so that you open the correct zoom link when the time arrives. From there, the rest of the appointment remains the same. If you have any technology issues or questions, please email us. We look forward to working with you.

  • Please arrive on time, as appointments are often scheduled back-to-back. 

  • Your 45 minute appointment will include about 35-40 minutes of consultation time with a few minutes for an introduction and 5 minutes at the end to wrap up the appointment. 

  • If you need more time, please feel free to schedule two adjoining appointments.

  • It’s helpful for our consultants to prepare their sessions if you provide assignment details and questions prior to your appointment (through the reservation system or The Speaking Center email).

  • Each appointment is tailored to each client's requests. Based on what the client needs are during the appointment, a consultant will help guide the appointment in the most efficient manner possible. If practicing a speech and receiving feedback for improvement is the objective of your appointment, you can expect to be asked a few questions about the speech assignment, the rubric (if available), and the areas of the speech in which you are most concerned. This information can help the consultant plan the best use of time during the appointment. Once a clear understanding of the objective are reached, the consultant will guide the rest of the meeting with clear details. For instance, if you are practicing a speech, the consultant would encourage the client to begin their speech. This portion of the appointment would benefit the client by being recorded. Following the initial practice, the consultant will provide detailed feedback to the client. This feedback will include points of celebration, and areas for improvement with complimenting techniques and suggestions to implement.