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Social Work Writing Coach

Unfortunately, the School of Social Work does not have a writing coach at the moment. Please check back for updated contact information.Booking an appointment with the writing coach for the School of Social Work

You can book an appointment with your writing coach by following the link at the bottom of this page. First, read the things you need to know for the appointment type you want to book: 

Zoom Appointments

  • Zoom is an online meeting platform, free to all CSUSB students and can be accessed through your MyCoyote account
  • Book one hour for each appointment with a maximum of two hours per week (unless you have approval for more)
  • Send or attach your paper in advance of your meeting time
  • Expect an email from me with a Zoom meeting link within 10 minutes of your appointment time
  • Log in at your appointment time

Email Appointments

  • Book one hour for each paper (or thesis chapter) that you would like reviewed, with a maximum of two hours per week (unless you have approval for more) 
  • Email or attach the paper you would like reviewed as a Word document
  • Expect a reply with feedback within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment 
  • For group papers, each participant’s section must be sent separately by the participant
  • Do not send papers via email without first contacting the writing coach

***Please note: email appointment times are place holders; you do not need to wait for me to contact you at the time of your appointment. You only need to send (or attach) your paper before your appointment time. You will receive my feedback within 24 hours.

On Campus Appointments

  • You must make an appointment to be seen
  • Meetings are booked in half-our increments, but can be booked for an hour for longer papers or group papers
  • Meeting are held in Faculty Office Building #241

Some General Information

  • Please bring with you/attach/send all of the necessary documents for me to help you: this could include your syllabus or writing prompts in addition to your work
  • Please keep in mind that I do not edit papers, which includes checking through all of your citations, although I can happily point out areas of concern and help you develop your own editing strategies
  • If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible in order to open that space for another student.

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