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Tips For Transfer Students

SW 200 (Introduction to Social Work) is a prerequisite course that must be completed before starting in the major and must be completed at CSUSB. It is offered in fall, spring and summer at CSUSB. Community college students may use the cross enrollment or dual admissions processes to complete SW 200 at CSUSB for reduced cost prior to being admitted to the university. Cross enrollment is not available during the summer. For more information on cross enrollment and dual admission, contact your school counselor or the CSUSB Office of Records, Registration and Evaluations.

Please refer to the Prerequisite Equivalent List to find your school's equivalent to the BASW prerequisite courses. We highly recommend students discuss course selection with their community college counselors.

Prerequisite Equivalent List

Come to one of our scheduled Admission Information Sessions and also view the Admission Information Slideshow. Schedule an advising session after reading all of our web-based information by contacting Nick Watson. 

BASW Information Session

BASW Admissions Information Slideshow

In the rare case where a senior level transfer student from other CSWE accredited BASW Programs wish to complete their program at CSUSB, they must contact the School of Social Work as early as possible. Students who wait until June of the year may not be accommodated for fall placements.