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Undergraduate Student Pledge

California State University San Bernardino

Undergraduate Student Pledge

As California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is in the process of transforming from a quarter-based system to a semester-based system for fall 2020, the University commits to a partnership with students that promotes a successful transition. CSUSB pledges that there will be:

Quality of Academic Programs
The faculty will work collaboratively to ensure intellectual rigor, the quality of the academic programs, and the centrality of these programs to the academic mission of the university.

Transparency in Communications with Students
CSUSB will communicate collaboratively, regularly, and clearly with students about the decisions and outcomes of the semester conversion process using a variety of tools, including face to face meetings, the CSUSB website, advising, and social media.

Informed Advising
Faculty advisors, professional advisors, and peer advisors will receive extensive professional learning opportunities regarding the Quarter to Semester (Q2S) process and strategies to support student progress towards timely graduation. 

Capitalizing on this knowledge, these advisors will work with students to develop individualized academic plans that map out academic requirements for a timely graduation.

Advising tools will be developed to inform students of the transition of courses from quarter to semester.

No Loss of Academic Progress
The minimum number of units required for a bachelor’s degree is 120 semester units or 180 quarter units. Some degrees require more units.

Students will not lose earned academic credit as the campus moves from a quarter to semester calendar.

Quarter units will be converted to semester units as follows:
                        Number of quarter units X 2/3 = Number of semester units
                        Example: 90 quarter units X 2/3 = 60 semester units

No Increased Cost for Degree Completion*
Student tuition and fees under the semester system will not be greater than they would be under the quarter system for a two-semester academic year.

The total full-time cost of two semesters equals the full-time cost of three quarters.

Students have equal responsibility to learn and understand the Q2S procedures and requirements.  To fulfill their part in this semester conversion pledge, CSUSB students are expected to do the following:

Participate in Advising
Between fall 2018 and spring 2020, students will work with faculty advisors, professional advisors, and/or peer advisors to develop an individualized academic plan aligned with their original bulletin.

Students will meet regularly and follow plans developed with the faculty advisor, professional advisor, and/or peer advisor.

Fulfill Degree Requirements
Students will follow their individualized academic plan and PAWS report to graduate.

Students will meet minimum grade, grade-point average, and graduation requirements for their major and to graduate. Support, such as tutoring, writing consultation, supplemental instruction, and academic coaching, will be available.

Students who are unable to fulfill these expectations may delay their time to graduation.

*California State University system-wide tuition fees may be adjusted as deemed necessary and authorized by the Board of Trustees.