Beginning in Fall 2020, CSUSB will have semester-length terms rather than quarter-length terms.  In other words, the academic year will consist of two terms, rather than three:  you will register for classes twice a year, pay fees twice a year, have final exam periods twice a year. 

The Chancellor of the California State University wants to have all of our 23 CSU campuses on a similar calendar.  This will allow us to better share resources and coordinate activities.  Until recently (when conversion begain, 18 of the 23 CSU campuses used semesters and only 6 used quarters.  This is now changing with the quarter campuses converting to semester terms: CSULA and CSU Bakersfield changed to semesters in Fall 2016, CSU Pomona and CSU East Bay are moving to semesters in Fall 2018 and CSUSB in Fall 2020, respectively. 

Because community colleges also use a semester calendar, semesters will make it easier for students to transfer from community colleges to CSUSB, as well.

CSUSB faculty, staff and advisors will be working to ensure that students stay on track for graduation.  If you are planning to graduate in Spring 2020 or before, you will not be affected by the change.  If you are graduating in Fall 2020 or later, you will be advised as to how to graduate on time.

Each academic department will be creating course "equivalencies" so that students who begin on a quarter calendar can still finish their degree on a semester calendar (i.e. Course X on the quarter calendar will be Course Y on the semester calendar).  Beginning in Spring Quarter 2019, there will be much more activity, advising and information for students.  Right now, faculty are working on switching courses and degree programs, including GE, to the semester calendar.  That process will be complete by Winter Quarter 2019.  Don't worry!  There will be a lot of announcements to keep you informed!

In the meantime, see the campus Pledges to Undergraduate and Graduate students in the sidebar on the left.  You've got our promises in writing!

The Quarter2Semester team has put this web resource together to help students understand the impact of switching to a semester calendar. It will be updated regularly as the steering committee finalizes recommendations to the president. This site will also provide students with important documents and forms, which will be helpful as the transition gains speed. If you have any questions, please contact the Quarter2Semester office.

We've put up a Question & Answer page, too.  Send us your questions!

Students are represented at the Steering Committee with a graduate and undergraduate student, in addition to working closely with the CSUSB Associated Students Incorporated (ASI). This cooperative relationship has generated a resolution endorsing the switch to a semester calendar. That resolution can be read here: ASI Resolution.  If you are interested in participating, contact ASI for more information!