SAIL Courses

SAIL COURSE SCHEDULE: Winter 2019 (2192)

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SAIL Adjunct Courses:

Pre-MARC/RISE-sponsored adjunct courses  (USTD 77)

(pre-MARC/RISE-sponsored adjunct course open to both SAIL and non-SAIL students)


Course Instructor Section Call# Days Time Room
PSYC 363 (Content Course)
Amodeo PSYC 363: 02 20570 TR 10:00AM-11:50AM PS-223
*PSYC 363 (Adjunct)
Peterson USTD-77:06 81500 TR 12:00PM-12:50PM PS-209

SAIL Graduate School Application Preparatory Class (USTD 99)

(Open to SAIL Students only)

Course Instructor Section Call# Days Time Room
USTD 99: (Web & Classroom)
Graduate School Application
Support Course 
Luis USTD-99: 01 21553 T 10:00AM-11:50PM UH-385

Advanced Note Taking & Organization Content Emphasis Courses

(See descriptions below table. Open to SAIL Students only):

Course Instructor Section Call# Days Time Room
Chem 222A (Content Course) Mallari Chem 222A: 01 23005 MW


Chem 222A Adjunct Staff USTD 40: 04 21551 MW 9:00AM-9:50AM PS-204

*Organic Chemistry Emphasis- For SAIL students enrolled in CHEM 222A.

Other Support Courses offered on campus:

Looking for support in Biol 100, Psyc 100, Chem 215/216 and much more?  Check out the sessions hosted by Undergraduate Studies Supplemental Instruction Office

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions

(Open to all undergraduate students enrolled in the corresponding content course.)

Please visit the SI website to access the course schedule and for enrollment information.

Phone: 909.537.7355