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Protection of Minors on Campus

Protection of Minors Policy

CSUSB is dedicated to the welfare and safety of minors who visit CSUSB, participate in CSUSB's Programs, or are entrusted to CSUSB's care. To promote the protection of minors, CSUSB has adopted a policy and procedures which describe the requirements of administrators, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and others who interact with minors. Additionally, this policy/procedure informs all members of the university community of their obligation to report any instances of known or suspected abuse or neglect of minors. The policy and procedure can be found at the links below.

The Office of Risk Management is responsible for administering the Protection of Minors Policy.  This office will develop and publish guidelines for the implementation of the policy consistent with CSUSB’s mission and best practices in this area.

Program Registration

The Program Director or Director’s designee of CSUSB or the third party Program shall register the Program with the Office of Risk Management with sufficient advance notice to meet the requirements and intentions of this procedure. The following is the  Minors On Campus Registration Forms.

Execute Written Agreement(s)

For all CSU Programs that involve minors, the parent or guardian shall receive, review, and sign a university participation agreement before his or her minor child can participate in the Program. The following is the authorization and release form:  Waivers and/or Release of Liability Form

Background Checks

It is the responsibility of the Program Director or Director’s designee to ensure that each participating adult has submitted the background request information and has subsequently received clearance to participate. The Office of Risk Management will maintain a catalog of individuals who have been cleared to participate. The following is the CSUSB Volunteer Identification Form.

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

All CSU employees are designated mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect pursuant to Executive Order 1083. Executive Order 1083 enacts amendments to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA).  CANRA is intended to provide a safe environment for our children and will enhance our own awareness of and responsibly to report suspected abuse and neglect. 

As a designated mandated reporter, whenever you, in your professional capacity or within the course of your employment, have knowledge of or reasonably suspect child abuse or neglect has occurred, you must report the incident. 

         Abuse That Must Be Reported:

  • Physical injury inflicted by other than accidental means on a child
  • Sexual abuse meaning sexual assault or sexual exploitation of a child
  • Neglect meaning the negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child by a parent or caretaker under circumstances indicating harm or threatened harm to the child’s health or welfare
  • Willful harming or injuring or endangering a child meaning a situation in which any person inflicts, or willfully causes or permits a child to suffer, unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or causes or permits a child to be placed in a situation in which the child or child’s health in endangered

Your report of suspected child abuse must be made to University Police immediately or as soon as practically possible.  The University Police can be reached at (909) 537-5165.  Mandated reporters are not civilly or criminally liable for their reports (Penal Code § 11167(d)).

After making the report to University Police, employees must complete and submit Department of Justice form SS 8572 (Attachment D of Executive Order 1083) to University Police within 36 hours of coming into information regarding the incident of suspected abuse or neglect.

The Mandated Reporting Coordinator, Alex Najera, is available to assist employees in identifying whether there is a reasonable suspicion that abuse has occurred and how to report it, and provide appropriate resources. He can be reached at  or through Human Resources at (909) 537-5138.