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Academic Field Trip Driving Requirements

Authorized Participants of A CSUSB Field Trip Are Limited To

  • Faculty
  • Staff (academic)
  • Approved Volunteers (registered with Human Resources)
  • Enrolled Students
  • Enrolled ‘College of Extended Learning’ Students

Those Who May Be Authorized to Drive On A CSUSB Field Trip Are Limited To

  • Faculty
  • Staff (academic)
  • Enrolled students, graduate, or teaching assistants (whose duties are directly related to the class/or field trip)
  • Approved Volunteers (registered with Human Resources)

Authorization Requirements of Vehicle Drivers, Driving On A Field Trip

“All” University employees (Faculty or Staff) who are authorized to drive State vehicles are required to show:

  1. A valid California driver’s license
  2. A current Defensive Driver Training Certificate (Contact Parking Services at (909) 537-5912 for training course registration)
  3. A good driving record as verified by the DMV Pull Notice Program
  4. “Employee” drivers driving a personal vehicle (All driver requirements plus)
  5. If an employee is driving a private vehicle*, a completed Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business form STD 261  is to be submitted to the Department Chair.
  6. Proof of vehicle insurance for the minimum amount prescribed by law
  7. “Volunteer” driver (non-State employee)
  8. Same requirements as an employee plus an official (HR registered) “Volunteer” form".
  9. “Student” Drivers
  10. If a student is driving a private vehicle*, ensure that the travel is required for the field trip. Field trips begin and end at site\location.
  11. Students MAY NOT drive STATE VEHICLES unless they are employed by the State of California or are official volunteers.

*Please note that your personal liability insurance is primary coverage when driving a privately owned vehicle.