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National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (SCNRCA)

The purpose of SCNRCA is to be an organized support group for all students in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program. The organization will provide a student liaison among Faculty and students, and will provide the opportunity for networking among students and rehabilitation professionals. SCNRCA shall remain a very close and active affiliation with local or state chapters of the NRCA. SCNRCA will be an advocacy group in the support of disabilities rights in the university and community at large.

As often as possible SCNRCA's activities will provide the opportunity for "experience sharing" among students by highlighting relevant practicum, internship or work experience with SCNRCA members.

SCNRCA's commitment to issues of rehabilitation within the University community and the community at large is a fundamental priority within all aspects of SCNRCA meetings, newsletters and other social activities shall strive to provide avenues through which the academic, personal, social and professional needs of its members may be met. The grassroots structure of SCNRCA encourages and depends upon the participation of its members at every level in order to realize the overall goal: the development of highly competent, ethical and creative rehabilitation professionals.

The Executive Office

The Executive office shall include the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and a Member–at-Large.

Duties of Officers

The President shall preside over all SCNRCA member meetings and board meetings. The President will represent the SCNRCA at local or state NRCA chapter meetings as well as the Rehabilitation Counseling Program Advisory Committee.

The Vice-President will oversee the following committees of SCNRCA: Programming, Service, Social, Fundraising, and Public Relations.

The Secretary will keep the minutes for all meetings and will be responsible for keeping the SCNRCA activity reports detailing events and activities of the organization. The secretary will make copies of the minutes and distribute them to all members. The secretary will also keep on file attendance of all meetings.

The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection of fees, payment of bills and maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions of SCNRCA.

The Historian will keep a record or history of the organization’s activities and achievements during the school year. The Historian will take pictures at projects, socials, and events. The Historian will keep the organization’s activities and achievements records and pass it on to next year’s members in order to make a smooth transition.

The Member at Large will be the liaison between club officers, student body and professors, keeping all informed of the current events the SCNRCA is hosting.

If you are interested in knowing more about the SCNRCA, please contact one of the officers.