Group Ex Classes


A low-impact, moderate-intensity, indoor cycling experience that will build endurance, strength, and stamina! This class will incorporate climbs, endurance rides, intervals, and recovery. Improve your heart health while gaining endurance and strength! All levels welcome. Please come early to reserve your bike.


Do you want to learn how to use non-traditional modalities like Olympic movements,  battle ropes, kettlebells, TRX, tires, and more? Then join us in this progressive training class that will instill the fundamentals of high intensity interval training. This is a paid class and registration will close 10/30! We hope to see you there!

Cardio Boxing

This invigorating class combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout will challenge the beginner and elite athlete alike! Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle. All levels welcome!

Circuit Training

A timed, full-body workout set up in a circuit style! You will move through exercises as you are challenged both with strength and cardio movements. Test and improve your strength, form, and speed in this class! All levels welcome!


A traditional full-body workout incorporating the use of bodyweight moves, strength equipment, and cardio to achieve a total-body pump. Be prepared to sweat and work hard! All levels welcome!


Trying to get a great full-body workout? Body Sculpt is for you! This is a choreographed class that incorporates light weights and high repetitions to build both endurance and lean muscle mass! Using the barbell or dumbbells, you will learn how to squat, shoulder press, chest press, and more! All levels welcome. 


CORE30 is a 30-minute, express core and back class. A strong core is integral for proper posture and muscle balance; not just aesthetics! Did you know you have 8 major core muscles? Come to HardCORE and work them all! All levels welcome.

Project Chill

Tired of napping in your car or in the library?! Come join us every Tuesday at the Library Lawn from 1-3pm and pick a hammock! Kick back, relax, nap, read a book… our hammocks are a safe space to unwind and kick up your feet in your midday break! Enjoy the outdoors while taking a break from classes! Everyone is welcome. 

Elemental Flow

This class embodies kata movements (martial arts techniques) from different martial arts incorporated into one unique experience! Movements will consist of subtle, slow-flowing poses from Tai-chi, Qigong, Kali, Aikido, Muay Tai and more. Each kata will represent the energy of a different element; which we will connect through mindfully breathing, movement, and flows. All levels welcome!

Open Lift Outdoors

Take your training outdoors during open lift hours! You can workout on yo9ur own using our outdoor equipment! A certified personal trainer will be on shift for any assistance you may need! Daily workouts of the daily (WODs) will be posted if you need ideas for your workout! Free to all. Meet us behind the Rec!

Latin Dance

This class will combine Latin rhythms, high energy, and the footwork of many different Latin-style dances (such as Bachata, Salsa, and more!) to create an amazing cardio workout! No partner needed for this dance class; come as you are or bring some friends! All levels welcome.


Meditation is a broad term! Meditating can range from taking a few, focused breaths to using your imagination to journey!. Meditation is an inward art of connecting to yourself. Come try a variety of meditation techniques. All levels welcome!


A beginner-friendly, peaceful class blending different styles of yoga to help increase strength and fluidity of motion. Learn the fundamentals of yoga while improving posture, balance, strength, and breath awareness! We have mats, straps, and blocks provided; come a little early to pick a spot! All levels welcome.

Latin Hip Hop

Do you... love Latin music? Love hip hop? Love dancing? Then this class if for you! Latin Hip Hop is a fun way to burn calories and get a full body, cardio workout! This is a follow-along dance class to Latin hip-hop and reggaeton music! No salsa or bachata here; that will be mainly in our Latin Dance class! All levels welcome.


Zumba combines Latin and international music with dance moves; taking the ‘work’ out of working out! No dancing experience is required - feel free to come and join the party! All levels welcome as well as two left feet!