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Dual Major: Psychology & Human Development

A dual major in Psychology and Human Development provides the advantage of a multidisciplinary perspective of human behavior and development with an emphasis on psychological processes. This combined program of study is especially useful for students planning to pursue a career working with children and families, older adults, adult services, paraprofessional counseling, and for those planning on graduate study in child or developmental psychology, clinical or counseling psychology, child or human development, educational counseling, school psychology or social work.

Students choosing the dual major must select one of the following two 'tracks': child development or lifespan development.

Courses listed for each track will fulfill the major requirements for both the B.A. in Psychology and the B.A. in Human Development. (You must, of course, also complete the general education requirements-see catalog-and 180-quarter units in order to graduate). Simply follow the outline of courses listed for the track you select ... we've done the work for you in figuring out the requirements for both degrees!

Two additional suggestions: use your PAWS credit summary only for your G.E. requirements. Also, once you receive your grad check (which you apply for after completing 142 units), see an advisor because we'll need to fill out some paperwork to double-count certain courses.

Degree Requirements

BA Checklist - Dual C - W10

BA Checklist - Dual L - W10